Winter in New York

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Winter in New York has two sides of a coin: the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas in New York, and the most inhospitable, a terrible cold and heavy snowfall that collapse the city.

Christmas, the most endearing time of the year

Who has not seen, in the thousands of films that take it, the typical Christmas prints of New York. Christmas markets working at their best, Christmas trees, especially the Rockefeller Center, people skating on ice, enjoying the shows of lights and shop windows that go around the city. There are so many things to do in the city that I recommend you read our article Christmas in New York city.

The cold brings offers

At the end of January and the beginning of February the cold brings with it three great offers: The Broadway Week in winter, to go with great discounts to the best Broadway musicals, Restaurant Week, great prices in closed menus in one of the best restaurants in the city, and Must-see week, great discounts in the main tourist attractions of New York.

The snowfalls of February

Usually, in February the highest snowfall of the year usually falls, reaching up to 40 or 50 cms of snow accumulated in a day. If you come to New York in the winter, I definitely recommend you to come in very well covered in layers, and come prepared to go very cold: Gloves, hat and even earmuffs will come very well to walk around the city.

The new year and the Chinese new year

New year is synonymous with Times Square and large crowds, so I recommend planning it for a long time, if you're going to be in town to say goodbye to the year, and the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated in early February, brings with it a great parade and festival that is worth enjoying if it matches you in New York.

Parades and sports

The NBA is already boiling, so in winter you can go to enjoy games of the two teams in the city, the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. But undoubtedly the winter sports par excellence is football, the Superbowl is held in February, and if you are lucky that one of the teams in the city wins, as did the New York Giants a few years ago, will mount a great celebration throughout the city.

Already on the border with the spring one of the most multitudinous parades of the Fifth Avenue is celebrated, the parade by St. Patrick, in March. Also the race is celebrated that, for me, has the most beautiful route of the year: The half marathon of New York.

Main winter events in New York

And now, without further ado, I give way to all the content we have prepared for those who come in Winter to New York.