Where to enjoy the fireworks of July the 4th

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In this article we want to make a guide so you can enjoy the fourth of July, Independence Day and the most celebrated party in the United States next to Thanksgiving, those people who are at that time in New York.New York from the Top of the Rock

Beware of opening hours

The first thing is to indicate that you are careful with the schedules of this day and the next day, if possible to make sure the previous day that the place you want to go is open: there are special hours in most restaurants, which usually close soon , the ferries to Staten Island, the trains, ... and during these days there are usually very good discounts in all the shops of the city.

The fireworks of the 4 of Julio in New York

Macy's celebrates this year's 43 anniversary of its July 4 fireworks party, and he throws the house out the window making a pyrotechnic show in a new location, around the Brooklyn Bridge, with a musical show included. The show will start around the 9 of the night (although they are not usually punctual at the start time, you have to be well located before to see it well).

The show, where more than 70.000 fireworks and pyrotechnic effects will be launched on the Brooklyn Bridge, lasts around 25 minutes, and they are so spectacular that they are rebroadcast by NBC for the whole country. This year, fireworks will be fired from 4 barges located at the height of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Promenade.

As the fireworks launched in this area this year, the best sites of last year are no longer valid, and it is best to go to the Financial District, the Brooklyn Borough and Brooklyn Heights to have a beautiful view of the entire city lit up with the Fireworks.

This year, the main singer of the musical show will be Jennifer Hudson, winner of two grammy awards, as well as being a coach of the version of The voice in the United States and Britain, and that will make an interpretation of Somewhere Over the Rainbow., the mythical song that sang like the angels Judy Garland, right on the 50 anniversary of his death. In addition, the musical selection will of course include The Star Spangled Banner (the US anthem), and other famous singers from the American folk and rock scene, such as Brad Paisley, Maren Morris, Khalid, Derek Hough, Ciara or Luke Bryan.

To give you a little idea of ​​the show, here is a video of the 2018 fireworks:

The best places to enjoy fireworks

Without place to doubts the best places to see this year the fireworks will be those located near the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Height Promenade. You should expect large crowds in all these areas, so it is best to go early to have a good place, follow the advice and directions of the police at all times and move if they tell us.

The access points to the parks with the best visibility of the fireworks will be the following:


Due to the agglomerations that occur every year, they are going to let you see the fireworks to elevated areas of the FDR Drive through the following points:

  • Broad Street & Water Street
  • Pearl Street & Dover Street
  • Robert F. Wagner Mr. Place & St. James Place
  • Pearl Street & St. James Place
  • Montgomery Street & Cherry Street

Other points where you can see the fireworks

The fireworks will also be somewhat visible, and with an illuminated and spectacular Manhattan in the background, from New Jersey, on the other side of the river, and from areas where it is usually possible to see the Brooklyn Bridge. To enjoy the fireworks of the 4 of July and feel for a day like a true New Yorker the best thing you can do is go to a park with a blanket or towel, some sandwiches or something to dine at 5-6 in the afternoon, and wait until the 9 to enjoy the show.

Of course, although it has a great visibility of the area, for security reasons Governors Island will be closed that day from the 6 in the afternoon, so it is not possible to see the fireworks from this location.

More information about fireworks

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