Fleet Week 2019

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During the last week of May, just before the Memorial Day week, Fleet Week is celebrated every year in New York, which would be the equivalent of Navy Week, and in which the entire city is found taken by people of the US Navy enjoying the hospitality of the city. This party is celebrated from 1984 and more than 4500 sailors of all kinds of ranges are expected to be in the city during this festivity.

In the 2019 year, in the 31 edition of this party, Fleet Week is celebrated from the 22 to the 28 of May, and the following acts are carried out:

  • The boats that participate every year in the party, usually destroyers, aircraft carriers, frigates, ... we will find them anchored in the Pier 90, Pier 86, Intrepid Air and Space Museum, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and Homeport Pier in Staten Island.
  • Guided tours are made to all the boats present in the Fleet Week, visiting hours vary so I recommend you visit the official website of the event to know them. Of course, to visit them it is mandatory to go with a photo ID to access the boat.
  • Exhibitions of all kinds: Armada divers exhibit, in Times Square and the New York Aquarium (in Coney Island), and Martial Arts exhibition, in Times Square.
  • Navy Day, Saturday 25 in Prospect Park (Brooklyn)
  • Tribute to the veterans, the 27 day in the Intrepid.
  • Free concerts of the Navy bands throughout the city.
People cheering in the Plaza
Participating boat in Fleet Week

If you always wanted to have a picture with the friendly Marines, definitely this week is a golden opportunity, because they also lend themselves to doing all kinds of photos with those who ask them.

More information about Fleet Week

For more information, to know the events that take place and the calendar of events, visit the official website of the New York Fleet Week from New York, in English.