Watch an NBA game in New York

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One of the usual questions in the chat is about how to watch an NBA game in New York. The NBA season begins in October and, unfortunately for New York teams, ends in late April, which is when the NBA season ends and the playoffs begin.

What NBA teams play in New York?

In New York, two NBA teams play: the mythical New York Knicks, who play in Manhattan at the not least mythical Madison Square Garden, a fetish place for basketball and boxing fans, and Brooklyn Nets, who play in the brand new and spectacular Barclays Center in Brooklyn, a very modern pavilion that is well connected by subway with the rest of New York.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

Barclays Center

Barclays Center

How to get tickets for the NBA in New York?

Tickets for the NBA in New York are quite expensive and there is a lot of demand, despite how bad the teams are, so It is convenient to take the tickets as far in advance as you can get. If you want to go see the Knicks at the legendary Madison Square Garden, tickets should always be purchased at Ticketmaster, which is the official ticket and resale website of the NBA, the prices start from $ 90-100 approximately in the games against the teams with the least pull of the league, in places with good visibility but where you are practically playing the roof of the pavilion.

Of course, due to the demand is quite normal that the tickets are sold out, and that you have to go to resale. Be careful because the Ticketmaster website does not differentiate single tickets with resale tickets, so it is always convenient to search other websites and compare prices before giving tickets.

Here are several options:

  • Go to resale, which as we said before also manages Ticketmaster, to get your tickets for the game.
  • Try to get your tickets on other resale sites, I recommend you also look at Superboletería o Hellotickets, which is another website that I have used at some time to buy NBA tickets or concerts in New York, although it is usually a little more expensive than the previous ones for the same locations.

Right now it's more difficult and expensive to get tickets for the New York Knicks than for the Brooklyn Nets, but if you're going to go once in your life to watch an NBA game and you like basketball, is not it worth paying a little? more and go see the NBA to one of its temples and one of its fetish teams? I think so, but there everyone who chooses what suits them :-)

NBA Calendar 2018-2019 in New York

The draw has shown that the Knicks debug the next October 17 at Madison Square Garden playing against the Atlanta Hawks, while the Brooklyn Nets debut the same day on the court of the Detroit Pistons and debut at the Barclays Center the 19 October playing against their neighbors, the Knicks. The Knicks will host the NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors, the next October 26 and the Nets will host the champions next, the next October 28.

The two teams from the city will face each other on 19 October and 25 January days at the Barclays Center and the 29 days in October and the 8 at December at Madison Square Garden.

This year the traditional day of the Christmas day in New York, with the confrontation in the Madison Square Garden of the New York Knicks with the Milwaukee Bucks.

NBA game at Madison Square Garden

The no less mythical Los Angeles Lakers with Lebron James in the lead will visit this year New York the March 17 to play at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks, and December 18 to play against the Brooklyn Nets.

Finally, the Brooklyn Nets will receive the December 3 in Brooklyn and the 6 in March at the Cleveland Cavaliers, runners-up of the NBA last year, the 30 of November to the Memphis Grizzlies by Marc Gasol and the 25 of February at San Antonio Spurs of Pau Gasol, and the Knicks receive at Madison Square Garden Cleveland Cavaliers the 28 day of February, the 24 of February at San Antonio Spurs, the 20 of October and the 1 of February at Boston Celtics, the 3 of February at Memphis Grizzlies and the March 20 to the Utah Jazz.

How is the experience of watching an NBA game in New York?

For those who want to see first-hand what the experience of watching an NBA game in New York is like, here is a video in which we showed you our last visit to the Barclays Center, to watch a match between the Brooklyn Nets and the Angeles Lakers The warm up, the anthem, the presentation of the teams, the game, the breaks, you can see everything in this video:

More information to watch an NBA game in New York

For more information, I recommend you visit the official website of the NBA, and in the official calendar of New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.