See sports in New York

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Without a doubt, New York is one of the birthplaces of the sport of the United States. In this city we can find some of the most legendary franchises of professional American sports: The Knicks, the Yankees or the Giants are authentic myths of American sport and a dream to play in them for any player of those sports.

In this article we will explain all the sports that you can see during your stay in New York and where to buy tickets at the best price.

Basketball in New York

My favorite sport for Americans is basketball, and the NBA (National Basket Association) has two franchises in the city: The New York Knicks, who play at Madison Square Garden, and Brooklyn Nets, who play at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn. Both stadiums are very well connected by metro, just above transport interchanges, so it is very easy to reach them.

The regular season lasts from October to April, and from there the playoffs are played, which arrive in the best of cases at the end of May-beginning of June.

For more information, I recommend you read our article about how watch an NBA game in New York.

The Barclays Center during an NBA game
The Barclays Center during an NBA game

Baseball in New York

Baseball, or English baseball, is the favorite sport of Americans, and huge masses move to watch the games. If you have never been to a game, you have to know that they are quite long, and you have to be patient, because there are quite a few interruptions.

Undoubtedly, the most mythical franchise in New York are the New York Yankees, which have their stadium in the Bronx, well accessible through the subway. The other franchise of the city, the New York MetsThey are based at Citi Field in Queens, and are also accessible by subway.

The regular season of the MLB (Major League Baseball) lasts from the end of March to September, and then the playoffs are played for the title, which usually ends at the end of October, beginning of November.

Ice Hockey

The NHL (National Hockey League) is celebrated around the same time as the NBA, and most of the teams share the flag with their neighbors in basketball. In New York there are two ice hockey franchises: NY Rangers, who play at Madison Square Garden, and NY Islanders, who temporarily play at the Barclays Center, while they finish building their new pavilion in Queens, Belmont Park Arena, which is scheduled to open at 2021.


The other great North American sport is American football, which they call football, the country stops every time the Superbowl is celebrated, the grand finale of this sport, in mid-February.

The NFL (National Football League) is held from the beginning of September to the middle of February, so it is usually interesting to be well wrapped to watch the games, as they usually last around 3 hours and you are out in the open.

Although there are two teams from New York, neither of them plays in the city: New York Giants as New York Jets They play at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

To get to the stadium, on the days of the match from Port Authority, buses leave from the sports center, so if you want to go to see a game, I recommend this way of going to it.


Our soccer, which in these lands we call soccer, has much less travel in the United States, although there is a growing interest in this sport. The league of soccer, the MSL (Major Soccer League) is celebrated in the same dates approximately that the baseball, and there are two equipment in the first division of the city: New york city FC, who plays at Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx, and New York Red Bulls, who plays his home games at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, as in the case of American football I recommend you go by bus from Port Authority to see football matches at this stadium.


In New York, the fourth Grand Slam of the season, the US Open, is held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, located in Queens, close to Citi Field and very accessible by subway. For more information and how to buy tickets I recommend you read our article about how go see the tennis US Open.

US Open de tenís
US Open de tenís

How to buy tickets for major sporting events?

The demand for tickets in New York is very high, so you usually have to pay a lot of money to buy a ticket for an event, usually the cheapest tickets, for a match with a powerful rival, will cost at least between $ 70 and $ 100.

To buy tickets, I usually look at the websites of Hellotickets, Superboletería o Ticketmaster, look for which one offers me better price in a better area of ​​the pavilion or stadium and buy tickets there.

Here I leave some direct links to find the tickets depending on the team you want to go to see: