My experience with a Flex Pass at Christmas

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Today I am going to tell you about my experience using a FlexPass card in New York, the most modern of the tourist cards in New York and the only one that contains among its attractions the One World Observatory. The idea is to write an article in which I explain how I used the card, which had access to 7 tourist attractions, during my trip to New York at Christmas.

Why choose the Flex Pass?

What I like most about the Flex Pass is that it allows you to go your own way, without worrying about the days you have the card, because you have 30 days to use the tickets you have bought since the first use. It is, for me, the ideal card if you just want to go visit 2 to 4 sites or have already been to New York and just want to go to a fixed number of sites that are included in your list. For more information about this tourist card, I recommend you visit the official website of Flex Pass.

What are the differences between the Flex Pass and the Sightseeing Pass?

The way to use it is exactly the same, there is no difference between using one or another card, it gives you access to the same attractions and the way of use is the same: present your paper in the ticket offices and give you the tickets to access to the desired tourist attraction.

The only difference between these tourist cards is that with the Flex Pass you buy a fixed number of tickets, therefore, the more expensive the attractions you choose to visit at a better price, the card will come out, and with the Sightseeing Pass you will buy a number of days in which you can enter any of the available attractions.

The adventure begins

Christmas in New York is a very nice time of the year, but it is usually crowded and very cold, so it is convenient to be in a building or museum from time to time, so the Flex Pass is ideal to go At our leisure and enjoy New York.

First day: The Met and the Guggenheim Museum to finish at Rockefeller Center.

The day dawns, drizzling, and quite cold, so we decided to go up the Upper East Side to visit two of our favorite museums in New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York.

We took the subway and got off at Lexington with 80th street, and between gusts of wind and rain we managed to protect ourselves in the Met safe and sound. Upon entering, after passing the inspection of backpacks and bags, at the bottom left of the large central staircase is the box office for groups and advance sale, we present our card and provide us the entrance to access for 3 days all buildings del Met: This museum, the Met Breuer located very close on Madison Avenue, and which usually has temporary exhibitions of modern art, and The Cloisters, located at the end of Harlem.

After removing all the excess clothing and leaving it in the free cloakrooms, located on the left and right of the main entrance, we take one of our favorite walks by the Met: We visited the Egyptian wing and the temple of Dendur, then we went through the medieval area and European painting, then go up to the first floor and go to the wing of the Impressionists, one of my favorite areas of New York. Inside the Met, in the medieval area, you will find a beautiful Christmas tree with a very detailed nativity scene.

At the end, we go up to the Guggenheim and as soon as we enter we have the ticket offices to our right. Just to the left of this you will find the audioguides and group tickets area, that's where we show our card again and give us the entrance to the museum.

The entrance to the museum is directly opposite, and the wardrobe, also free, is located to the right of the entrance, after making us comfortable I always like to climb to the top floor of the museum and then go down through the central courtyard of the museum watching the exhibitions.

When we finish our visit to the two museums it is almost night, so we take the bus on Fifth Avenue and get off at the Rockefeller Center to immerse ourselves in one of the most spectacular Christmas prints in New York: all the buildings Fifth Avenue from Grand Army Plaza showcase spectacular windows, prominent Saks, right in front of the skating rink Rockefeller Center and its famous tree, epicenter of the New York spirit of Christmas. Yes, at night the crowd in the Rockefeller area is spectacular, there is no room for people on the street, so if you do not like the stresses I recommend you go to this area in the morning.

Rockefeller Center at Christmas
Skating rink at the Rockefeller Center at Christmas

Second day: Financial District and the viewpoints of One World Observatory and Top of the Rock.

The second day is completely clear, so we are going to take advantage of it to go up to the viewpoints in New York.

Our route starts in the Financial District, we start with the September 11 Memorial and Museum to go up next to One World Observatory and enjoy excellent views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. At the end, we take a little walk, because a clear day and a lot of cold, until Wall Street and the famous Charging Bull, to retrace our steps and finish doing some shopping in Century 21 and discovering the beautiful Christmas atmosphere of The Oculus.

Before going to the hotel, where we will stop shopping and rest a bit, we buy the ticket to go to the Top of the Rock, and so end this day enjoying my favorite view of New York.

Third day: Roosevelt Island cable car and sunset cruise.

Now in winter the cruisers that go around the island start at 3: 30 in the afternoon, so we take the morning relaxed to catch the Roosevelt Island cable car and enjoy a nice walk around this island and for Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park. When we finished, about half an hour before we got to the sunset cruise, to have a good place inside at the top and be able to see everything from an area close to the window, we are not brave enough to go sitting outside, as some of the most laggards do.

The cruise begins and the cold is intense outside, but it is worth leaving when we arrive at the Statue of Liberty and it is getting dark, a spectacular sight without a doubt. We will also leave again, in short intervals of 5 minutes, on the way back, once arrived in Williamsburg the boat turns around and the view of Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty in the background with the skyscrapers with the orange sky for the sunset is of those views that you will never forget in your life.

Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty at sunset
Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty at sunset from the cruise

We arrived at night by port, so we took the bus back to Times Square and enjoyed the incredible lights of Times Square at night.

Fourth day: Soho and the High Line.

The fourth day we started with a short walk through Soho and Chinatown, then take the subway and go to the Whitney Museum of American Art, located at the entrance of the High Line. The views from the top of the Manhattan museum are spectacular, and we also agree with a spectacular temporary exhibition of Andy Warhol, so the visit is essential.

When we finish, we go into the Highline, but it is so cold that at the height of Chelsea Market we left, we visited this market and ended up taking the subway to return to the hotel and change to go to watch a NBA game, in our case we went to see the Brooklyn Nets but we also went to see the Knicks in the Madison Square Garden and both experiences are highly recommended.

Fifth day: Christmas markets and the MoMA

We do not want to leave New York, without visiting Christmas markets that they put all over the city, which are beautiful, so taking advantage of the fact that it gives us a little respite, we started in the Union Square, we continue in the Grand Central Terminal, which is quite small and we ended up in the best in the city , located in Bryant Park.

When we finish, we walk down Sixth Avenue to the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MoMA), and there we go to the ticket office to exchange our card for an entrance. The wardrobe is located right next to the ticket offices, so after getting comfortable we went to the top floor of the MoMA, which is the part of the collection that I most definitely like, and where we will find all the works of Picasso, Van Gogh or Monet .

After finishing visiting the MoMA we return to the Rockefeller and seeing that there are a few less people that the other day we dare to enter FAO Schwartz, the mythical toy store that now has its headquarters in Rockefeller Plaza.

Sixth day: The Museum of Natural History as the last visit

It's our last day in New York, so in the morning we opted to go to American Museum of Natural History. To enter, as the card has run out we take the opportunity to enter the museum, so we go to the ticket offices, we give our donation (the suggested donation is $ 23 per person, but you can give less) and give us the tickets for the museum. The museum is very large, and my favorite part is the dinosaur zone, on the top floor, and the meteorite and mineral zone, located at the bottom of the first floor.

We do not have time for more, we just have to go back to the hotel, take the suitcase and go to the New York airport, already thinking about when to return to see the entire area of ​​the Hudson Yards or the new outlet in Staten Island, which will open throughout 2019.

What has been the savings obtained with the Flex Pass?

In the end we used our tickets for the following sites:

  • Metropolitan Museum: $ 25
  • Guggenheim Museum: $ 25
  • One World Observatory: $ 34
  • Top of the Rock: $ 39
  • Cruise ship: $ 39
  • Whitney Museum: $ 25
  • MoMA: $ 25

What makes a total of $ 212. The 7 Flex Pass tickets cost us $ 165, so we have saved more than an 23% with respect to the box office price and we have avoided all queues, so I recommend you to definitely buy the Flex Pass for your trip . For more information about this card, I recommend you visit the official website of Flex Pass.

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