Tips to enjoy Halloween in New York city

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As in the entire United States, Halloween is one of the main parties in New York, and although it is probably a party that is lived more in other less touristic neighborhoods of New York than Manhattan, such as Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens or the Bronx, then we are going to give you a series of tips for enjoy Halloween in Manhattan this next Wednesday 31 October of 2018 for all of you who have the hotel in Manhattan, you will be the great majority.

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How is Halloween celebrated in New York?

Children and adults prepare and dress up for this party, so if you want to participate the best thing you can do is go to one of the typical costume stores, which will be crowded by these dates, and buy a wig or a mask, or Take the costume from home, which is what I recommend. The most typical Halloween is undoubtedly to see children as they go disguised calling house by house and asking for Trick or treat (trick or treat). Unlike other American cities, such as Boston, where it seems that the whole city is decorated for Halloween, in the Manhattan neighborhood it is more difficult to realize that festivity and it is more in neighborhoods like Queens or Brooklyn where you can see the typical pumpkins at the door of the houses, in the windows or window sills and the groups of children going door to door collecting their sweets in huge bags.

However, there is still an area of ​​Manhattan where the tradition is still well preserved and where they make one of the most spectacular parades: Soho and the Greenwich Village area they dress up for the annual Halloween parade and that's where I recommend you go to enjoy this party and have a fun night.

The Halloween parade

The Halloween parade, one of the most anticipated of the year, will begin punctually to the 7 of the afternoon, being this the most spectacular of the parades that are made in Manhattan, and this year celebrates its 45 edition. Last year more than 2 millions of people saw the parade on the street and there were more than 80.000 people who participated in it.

The parade It is done through Greenwich Village along Sixth Avenue, a perfect nightlife zone any day of the year and especially tonight where all the pubs and restaurants in the area are decorated for the party, so it is my recommended place to go to enjoy Halloween.

Recommendations for Halloween

What I recommend is to buy a wig, a mask, get into the center of the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village and enjoy a special Halloween in New York, yes, You can only be part of the parade if you go well dressed or you will have to see it from the sidewalk, and to access the parade you can only do it at the corner of Sixth Avenue with Canal street from the 6: 30 in the afternoon.

The parade will end towards the 11 of the night, will have more than 50 bands to encourage the march and will run through Sixth Avenue, between Bleecker and 14th streets. For more information about the parade, I leave a link to the Official website of the Halloween Parade NYC.

Video of the Halloween parade

To give you an idea of ​​what the Halloween parade is like in the Village, here is a video of the Halloween parade last year, by Jordan Matthews: