Times Square

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Times Square is, without a doubt, one of the best-known squares in the world. Located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, little by little they have been pedestrianized and now it is a space from which to enjoy the madness of its neon lights and the traffic of people, although it is an area that New Yorkers They tend to avoid it because of the large crowds that are generated throughout the day.

History of Times Square

The name of the square, Times Square, is due to the fact that formerly the main building of the square was the headquarters of the New York Times, but even though the newspaper was moved to a nearby building, on 40 street with the Eighth Avenue, the name given remained. It is famous for the neon signs, some of which are the most expensive in the world, its theaters, where we can enjoy some of the best musicals in the world, and for its ball, which goes down all the last days of the year to give the Welcome to the New Year. If you are on New Year's Eve in New York and you want to see this New Year's Eve party, I recommend that you arm yourself with a lot of patience and go ahead to Times Square to see something, or better watch it on TV.

Times Square
Times Square

When is it better to go to see Times Square?

Times Square is crazy every day of the year, day and night, so I recommend going to see him at least a couple of times, sit at the top of the stairs and enjoy the view of the square. In this video I leave you an appetizer to give you an idea of ​​what you are going to be able to enjoy, but it must be recognized that everything is much more spectacular:

Theaters of Times Square

In the square or around it, we find some of the best Broadway theaters, such as the Minskoff theater, where for more than 20 years the Lion King has been represented with great success. If you want to go see some of the Broadway musicals, I recommend you read our article where we give you tips and tricks for buy tickets for musicals in New York.

Map of Times Square

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