Average monthly temperature and weather in New York

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Many people write me lately to ask me about the weather in New York and ask me a recommendation on when to travel to New York. In this article I hope to give you some clues so that you can choose the best time of the year to plan your visit to New York.

Average temperature in New York

Starting with temperatures, the climate of New York is quite temperate, certainly the proximity of the sea helps winters are not too cold and summers are not very hot, that if the humidity makes the cold get into your bones and the hot days are very shameful.

The coldest months of the year They are from December to March, where from time to time you can fall a snowfall, and you can even set the snow and you can make snowmen in the parks as in the High Line, and the hottest months are July and August, with temperatures of 35ºC or more with an 90% humidity on the hottest days.

Historical averages of temperature per month

The historical average of minimum and maximum temperature in New York month to month you can see it in the following table:

Month Minimum average (ºC) Maximum average (ºC)
January -2.8 3.9
February -1.7 5.8
March 1.8 10.3
April 7.1 16.7
May 12.2 22
June 17.6 26.7
July 20.5 29.4
August 19.9 28.6
September 16 24.4
October 10 18.1
November 5.3 12.6
December 0 6.6

Source: Central Park Station, NOAA (National Institute of Meteorology of the United States)

The weather in New York
Waiting for nightfall in DUMBO

Rain in New York

As for the rain, it is quite stable throughout the year, with averages of 110mm of monthly precipitation. In recent years, the number of days that has rained in New York in the year is approximately 125 days. From my experience, if we are a week in New York, it is more than likely that at least one day it will rain, which we will take advantage of go shopping or go to visit the fantastic museums that this city offers us.

High season in New York

Also, keep in mind that although the hotel offer in New York is very extensive, there are certain events of the year that cause a massive demand for hotels in the city: The 4 of July, the US Open of tennis, which is celebrated at end of August and beginning of September, the New York marathon, which is always celebrated on the first Sunday of November, and Christmas. If we want to visit New York at any of these dates, it is convenient book well in advance our accommodation if we want this to be central and get a good price. In this article we give you some tips to know where to sleep in New York at a good price.

Best time to travel to New York

Finally, many visitors ask me about the best date to go to New York, having been at all times of the year and knowing in depth the climate in New York, my advice for those who can choose the time of year in which they can make their trip to New York is as follows:

  • The months of May and June, which allows us to enjoy spring in the parks and gardens of New York with a pleasant temperature. For me, it's the best time to travel to New York.
  • The months of September and October, the highest summer temperatures have gone and you can enjoy walking around the city and seeing the autumnal aspect of all the parks and gardens.
  • El marathon weekend from New York, to be able to enjoy it on the streets of the Big Apple.
  • En Christmas, because at that time of year the whole city of New York has a special atmosphere.

And to prepare your trip, I recommend any of our New York guides, they will provide you with all the information on our website in PDF format, which you can consult at any time during your trip.

More information

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