The coffee cruise Wha?

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The next Thursday 28 of June of 2018 part the traditional Whale Cafe Cruise?, and as every year I recommend you sign up and book this cruise if you are in New York this day, you will spend an unforgettable time enjoying incredible views of the city.

Statue of Liberty from the sea

For those who have never been to one of them, tell them that the Cafe Wha? In full you move for a day to a boat, to offer you an excursion in a luxurious boat enjoying fantastic views of New York while the orchestra plays live and you enjoy taking something. Undoubtedly it is priceless to be able to say on your return from vacation that you have been under the Brooklyn Bridge or in front of the Statue of Liberty having a coffee or a drink ... :-) The boat also has 20 television screens for it. Even where you are inside the boat, you can enjoy the concert during the crossing.

The price of the cruise this year 2018 is $ 20, $ 100 for those who want to access the VIP area (with open bar, buffet and exclusive deck) The cruise is called Hornblower Infinity, with more than 64 meters in length, which will be divided into three plants in different environments. On the boat, if you do not go in the VIP option, where everything is included, you can buy all kinds of drinks and some food paying in cash or with a credit card.

The ship departs from Pier 40, at the corner of Christopher St. and the West Side Highway, and will set sail June 29 day from 2018 to 7 at the afternoon, regardless of the weather conditions. To be able to board the boat you must be more than 21 years, do not make any kind of exception to this rule, and can embark from the 6 in the afternoon, do not hurry up and you will avoid frights, because if you get to the 7 they will leave you on the ground and they will not return you the money. The arrival time back to the port of New York will be about 10: 00 of the night approximately.

For more information and to reserve your place, visit the official website of the Cafe Wha?, where you can reserve your place on the cruise.