The best places to relax in New York

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It is clear that in New York as in all the big cities of the world the level of noise and stress of the people who live there is enormous, and that from time to time we want to run away from it, relax from it and relax even though we are trip in New York. For this, in this article I am going to propose some places where you can relax during your trip to New York and enjoy a moment of tranquility next to the whirlpool of the Big Apple.

If we want to find that oasis of tranquility in the vicinity of Manhattan I recommend the following sites:

Interior of Central Park: Especially during the weekdays, getting lost on the interior roads of Central Park and lying on the grass is the best way to relax.

Roosevelt Island: If you take the Roosevelt Island cable car or the subway and you go out at the Roosevelt Island stop the entire promenade overlooking Manhattan is a delight with benches to sit and be able to enjoy the view. The park Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park It is not usually very busy, so you can have a quiet visit enjoying spectacular views of Manhattan.

Bryant Park: Sit in one of the chairs in the prairie area Bryant Park and watching people go by is one of my favorite hobbies when I pass by this park. There is also a carousel for children and in summer you can play chess or ping pong and classes of all kinds are given.

Hispanic Society: Little known museum and renowned library, with a beautiful collection of Hispanic art, probably with the best art collection of its kind in all of New York. The costumbrista murals of Sorolla de la Hispanic Society of America it is a delight to enjoy them practically in privacy.

Grave of Grant and Riverside: A park located right next to Columbia University and containing the Tomb of General Grant, hero of the civil war, and two beautiful churches in its surroundings, Riverside Church and St. John the Divine. More information in our article Medieval art and colossal modern churches in New York.

Manhattan from Four Freedoms Park, on Roosevelt Island
Manhattan from Four Freedoms Park, on Roosevelt Island

And a little further away, but well communicated I recommend the following:

The Cloisters: These medieval churches brought Stone by Stone from Europe by Rockefeller are a little-known appendix of the Metropolitan Museum, and are located in the middle of a huge Harlem park. It is nice to walk around the cloisters, perfectly cared for and preserved.

Gantry Plaza State Park: Lie down on any of the deckchairs enabled in the Gantry Plaza State Park and watching the ships pass by the East River while enjoying a beautiful view of Manhattan is a pleasure. I recommend going a little before sunset so that the view is even more spectacular. Something more crowded, but also valid, is Brooklyn Bridge Park and the DUMBO area, with places to get lost and practically alone.

Governor's Island: Only open from the end of spring to the end of September, this park on weekdays is a delight that you can enjoy practically only. Rent a bike, from 10 to 12 in the morning one hour of bike will go free, and enjoy the views of Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty in a car-free environment without circulation Governor's Island.

Green-wood cemetery: Located in Brooklyn but well connected by subway, the cemetery is a huge botanical garden with good views of Manhattan.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Museum: Two very little known Brooklyn gems are the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and located right next to Prospect Park, the Central Park from Brooklyn, also highly recommended for a quiet time.

Coney Island: It's New York beach, so on weekends and in summer it's impossible, but during the week you can enjoy a beautiful walk along the promenade and around the New York Aquarium and Luna Park, the park. attractions In addition, you can enjoy what they say is the best hot dog or hotdog in New York, Nathan's.

Of these last four sites you can expand the information in our article with A different walk through Brooklyn.

Hoboken: It is a bedroom city located on the other side of the Hudson River, easily accessible from Manhattan through the PATH, and was where the legendary singer Frank Sinatra or the tennis player Michael Chang was born. The views from Frank Sinatra Drive in Manhattan are spectacular and during the working hours there are hardly any people walking around the area. I recommend going at sunset and dining at any of the restaurants located near the seafront. More information in A walk through Hoboken watching New York.

Painting at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Painting at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

I am sure that after walking through one of these places you will have been able to relax for a while in New York and return with the batteries charged to continue enjoying this city.