The best paid viewpoints of New York

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In this article we are going to try to help you select the viewpoints of payment that you will go to during your visit to New York. As all classification is always subjective and based on our experience in all viewpoints described, and we will try to give you several alternatives so that you choose the one that catches your attention the most.

In this list, we have tried to mix a bit of everything, not only give you information about the viewpoints in the skyscrapers, which are the most famous, but also give you other types of paid viewpoints and unknown sites to which you can go at a good price. In most of these sites you will be able to access with your tourist card, in each of them we will indicate you in which which card is available.

And without further ado, here we leave our list with those that for me are the best paid viewpoints in New York.

Top of the Rock

My favorite viewing point in New York height is Top of the Rock, for my essential visit especially if it is the first time you visit New York. The best thing about this viewpoint is that it is very well organized, so you do not usually take long to get there. When buying the ticket, both Rockefeller Plaza and the ticket offices that are in (those with a tourist card must go to the ticket office, but they have a fast queue exclusively for them, so the process is very fast), they give you an hour to which you can climb the elevators, if you're at the right time in a quarter of an hour, at most, you're enjoying the spectacular view of Manhattan you get. No doubt has the best view of Central Park in the city, and the photo that you make with the Empire State Building in the background is one of the icons of New York, although some buildings, such as the Chrysler, are barely intuited because they are covered by other surrounding buildings.

Top of the Rock, one of the best viewpoints of payment in New York
New York from the Top of the Rock

Empire State Building

Undoubtedly, the most famous height viewpoint in the city is the Empire State Building, his view of New York is spectacular. His fame makes the queues to enter are usually quite long, especially at the time of going through the box office, so it is highly recommended to have any of the tourist cards that allow us to skip the box office queue, yes, if Take a tourist card to take it quite visible and ask the staff of the Empire State once past the security control to avoid waiting.

View from the Empire State
View from the Empire State

One World Observatory

The last one to arrive and probably the one with the best audios and videos before reaching the viewpoint is the One World Observatory. It is located right in the tallest skyscraper in the United States, the One World Trade Center, right next to where the Twin Towers were located. This observatory is complementary to the first two, because instead of seeing Midtown what allows us is to enjoy beautiful views of Brooklyn, Financial District and the entire bay, especially the area of ​​Governor Island, Ellis Island and the Statue of the Freedom. If I were you, I would definitely choose to go to the Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building and go up to it to have a global view of all of New York.

Brooklyn from the One World Observatory
Brooklyn from the One World Observatory

Sunset Cruise

Also included in most tourist cards, the cruise that is worthwhile to me is the boat ride at sunset, which lasts about an hour and a half. The best thing is that it is a scheduled trip to enjoy the Statue of Liberty at sunset and see all of Manhattan illuminated at night from the sea, a special and different view of New York. If you have the New York Pass you can make this cruise even on an old sailing ship.

Views from the Circle Line cruise
Views from the Circle Line cruise

Roosevelt Island Cable Car

Few know before going to New York that there is a cable car that crosses the river and allows you to go to Roosevelt Island, the Roosevelt Island cable car. It is the cheapest option that I put, because it is included in your 7 day meter, and it allows you to get a good view of the roofs of New York and the East River. If you take the cable car, take the opportunity to go to Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park and in this way you will get a beautiful walk with incredible views of New York.

Views from the Roosevelt Island cable car
Views from the Roosevelt Island cable car

Bar 54

Although the rooftop bars are fashionable, and the best known are probably 230 Fifth Avenue and the terrace of the Standard Hotel, on the High Line, I like the Bar 54 because it is not usually so crowded and is located just above Times Square, with excellent views over the plaza, the Chrysler Building and Midtown-Downtown Manhattan. The bar is located in the Hyatt Times Square hotel, a place also highly recommended to stay in your stay in New York, and the cost of the viewpoint is the consumption you have to ask for at the bar.

Views from Bar 54
Views from Bar 54

Whitney Museum

In the new headquarters of the Whitney Museum of American Art, located just at the beginning of the High Line, in Gansevoort street, the building was designed by Renzo Piano and has terraces from the fifth to the eighth floor from where we get spectacular views of Manhattan. I recommend you take advantage of Friday evening, that you pay the willingness to access this museum, and you will see a beautiful Manhattan sunset.

Views from the Whitney Museum
Views from the Whitney Museum

How to save in these viewpoints

Most of these viewpoints and observatories can be found in the main tourist cards of New York, so if your intention is to visit a museum and enjoy the views from one of these points you may want to buy one. To have more information about the different tourist cards of New York and which include I recommend you visit our article about the best tourist card for your New York trip, where we indicate the different possibilities and we give you some advice and recommendations when buying it.

Video of my favorite paid viewpoints

Here you have a video, where you can enjoy the views that you can have in my 5 favorite viewpoints of New York:

More information

And with this I finish to indicate you my preferences of which for me they are the best viewpoints of payment of New York, but I would like to know yours, which are your favorite viewpoints? Put a comment on this page and we will comment on it. If you have come this far, you may be interested in reading the ones that are for us the best free viewpoints in New York.

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