The best free viewpoints in New York

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Many people ask me via email or social networks while they are planning their trip and one of the most common questions I usually ask is what are the best free viewpoints in New York.

In this article we will try to indicate which from our point of view are the best viewpoints, being as always a very subjective classification and that surely at the end of the trip you can or can not coincide with us.

Gantry Plaza State Park

It was the first of the parks that were restored in Queens with a view of Manhattan, in the land where a Pepsi factory used to be located, and for me it is one of the most charming.

After three phases, and after having built and built many buildings around, this formerly very degraded area, has remained as a beautiful area to live young couples in Queens.

My recommendation is to go at sunset, the sun sets behind Manhattan and you have a magnificent view of all of Midtown, as you can see in the photograph below. More information in our article Gantry Plaza State Park.

Gantry Plaza State Park, one of the best free viewpoints in New York
New York from the Gantry Plaza State Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

When I met him at the 2006 it was a small park with an artificial beach right in DUMBO, between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, with spectacular views of the Financial District. They have been expanding little by little and now with the addition of the Brooklyn Piers it is certainly a spectacular park where you can enjoy magnificent views of New York and even practice skating and various sports, an ideal place to spend an afternoon with children. More information in Walk through DUMBO y a different walk through Brooklyn. In the immediate vicinity we find Brooklyn Promenade, from where you get the same views but from a slightly higher place, although the construction of new buildings is slowly blocking the views in the area closest to the Brooklyn docks.

Views from Brooklyn Promenade
Views from Brooklyn Promenade

Ferry to Staten Island

A classic in travel to New York is to emulate Melanie Griffith in Weapons of Woman and take this free ferry, which takes you from Manhattan to Staten Island across the bay, passing very close to the Statue of Liberty. For tips on where to get the best pictures, visit our article about Ferry to Staten Island.

New York seen from the ferry to Staten Island
New York seen from the ferry to Staten Island


The views will not be the most spectacular in New York, but certainly take a walk on the High Line at a height above the street and can get between buildings and see suddenly appear in the background the Empire State Building and other known areas of New York is priceless. In addition, with the opening of the last section, the Rail Yards, the final section has become a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the Hudson and New Jersey. More information on the route by the High Line.

New York from the High Line
New York from the High Line

Four Freedoms Park

It is one of the latest acquisitions in New York, and for me it clearly deserves a visit, even if the park schedule does not let you be beyond sunset. The views of all Midtown from this park and the walk that we take by the edge of the river to get from the metro or the cable car to the park are well worth the visit. More information in our article about Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park and remember that the park remains closed on Tuesdays.

Views from Four Freedoms Park
Views from Four Freedoms Park

Sheep Meadow

Located in Central Park, now in spring people start to go with their towel and blanket to enjoy a sunny day and have a picnic in this meadow enjoying a magnificent view of Manhattan in the heart of Central Park. More information in my article about Sheep Meadow. In summer, the Metropolitan Museum (Met), which is located very close, opens its terrace on the top floor and also allows you to enjoy a view of all Central Park, and also the views that are obtained from the highest point of Central Park, Belvedere Castle.

New York from Sheep Meadow
New York from Sheep Meadow


This city, located at the height of 14th street of Manhattan in New Jersey, on the other side of the Hudson River, is famous for being the hometown of Frank Sinatra, and is very easily accessible from Manhattan via ferry (from $ 9 the journey) or the PATH (a trip costs $ 2,75). The views from the Frank Sinatra Drive are spectacular, being able to see perfectly all the emblematic buildings of New York while you take a beautiful walk. It is a very quiet place with many places to eat or dine. For more information, visit my article about a walk through Hoboken watching New York.

Hoboken, one of the best free viewpoints in New York
New York seen from Hoboken

If you have arrived reading here, it is likely that you will also be interested in our article where we indicate the ones that are for us the best viewpoints of payment of New York.

You already know my favorite free viewpoints in New York, and now I ask you, what are yours?

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