Thanksgiving and Black Friday arrive

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If you come to New York in the last week of November, you will always coincide with two of the most anticipated events in the end-of-year calendar of a good American: The Thanksgiving Day (in English Thanksgiving) And the Black Friday.

Empire State from Macy's

What is Thanksgiving?

The next November 22 is the Thanksgiving Day, probably the most family-friendly party in the entire United States and the only one celebrated by all Americans, regardless of their religious beliefs. On this day it is typical for the whole family to gather around the table and eat the traditional turkey, for those who want to try it, you will have to order Roast Turkey, and they will offer it as a special dish in the vast majority of restaurants that are open on Thursday. Of course, plan things in advance and book dinner somewhere that day, it is likely that many restaurants and shops close from the 5-6 in the afternoon and you can take the surprise of staying without dinner.

The Thanksgiving Day Parade

For those of you in New York, I recommend going first thing in the morning to the always crowded Macy's parade, which takes place every year, from 9 from approximately noon tomorrow, through Central Park West and Sixth Avenue to Macy's, and it is estimated that more than 3 will see millions and a half people on the street. To get more information about the Thanksgiving Day Parade, I recommend you visit the official website of the event in Macy's, in English, and keep in mind that it is not recommended to see the parade between the streets 34th and 38th of the Sixth Avenue because the deployment made by televisions to broadcast the event for the whole country will prevent you from getting good visibility about the parade in this section.

The bargains of the Sale on Black Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day with the biggest sales in the United States, the so-called Black Friday, and is where you can find all kinds of bargains and objects at a great price. In addition to the Offers on tourist cards by Black Friday, in all stores there are rebates, which are usually from 20% to 60 - 70% discount depending on the site, the brand, the season to which the garment or the device belongs, ... and are usually extended to throughout the weekend, although this year the strength of the dollar will not make us achieve great bargains like other years.

If you are in New York on Friday, 23 is the right day to look at that thing you had planned to buy a long time ago, not only clothes, mainly from American brands, but also photographic equipment at B & H, electronics, ..., although that is .. .. be patient because all the shops will be full and you will have to wait in line at the counters to pay, in the changing rooms, ... The event is called Black Friday (translated literally Black Friday) because or on this day the store get benefits (the accounts are in black) or it is better that you definitely close.

Plan your purchases on Black Friday

To help you prepare and plan your purchases in advance, something that is necessary to make the purchases you want on a day when all the shops are full of people, I recommend that you read the articles we have on our website to make the purchases or by areas of New York or because the type of item you want to buy.

Happy Thanksgiving for those who walk through the United States, and be very careful with the compulsive purchase on Black Friday and leave the Visa shivering these days :-)