Travel testimonials

Do you want to tell how your trip was? How did you plan it? What did you like the most and the least about your trip? What changes did you have to make on the fly or what curious things or adventures did you pass through the streets of the city? Here we give you the opportunity to publish the testimony of your trip to New York, and thus be able to help others to organize themselves and to carry out a more complete planning of the same or to discover new places or that are not easily found in the guides, and thus be able to help all the members of our community to have their dream trip to the Great Apple.

If you want to appear in this section, you just have to write and send us a document with your testimony by email, we have very few conditions other than that the text is original to publish your article in this section. To know all the requirements to publish your trip you just have to read our article Tell us about your experience, I hope to have your experience in the city soon.

We leave you, below, the testimonies of travelers like you who have wanted to send us their experience to serve as inspiration to prepare your trip: