Ferry to Staten Island

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The Staten Island ferry is a free boat that connects daily, every half hour approximately, the Staten Island neighborhood with the financial district of Manhattan.

He was immortalized in the cinema in the movie Weapons of Woman, where one of the protagonists, Melanie Griffith, lived in Staten Island and took the ferry every day to go to work.

The views from the ferry are unbeatable from lower Manhattan, and it passes close enough to the Statue of Liberty that we can take a souvenir photo of our visit to New York with Lady Liberty, free of charge and without having to save any tail. For me, it is the favorite way to see it, but if you want to know all the options I recommend you read our article with all the forms of go see the Statue of Liberty.

History of the ferry to Staten Island

The history of this ferry is curious, because the line is completely free thanks to the founder and holder of the rights of the line ceded its exploitation to the city of New York in exchange for the service did not cost more than 25 cents. The city, seeing the hassle that was charging that money to the passengers, decided in 1997 that the service was free.

Staten Island Ferry passing next to Statue of Liberty
Ferry to Staten Island

Ferry route

The ferry takes a ride on the Hudson, passing very close to the Verrazano Bridge, where the New York Marathon begins, and the Statue of Liberty, so it's the ideal alternative for all those who want to see the Statue of Liberty and they want to avoid the 2-3 hour queue in Battery Park to catch the ferry to Liberty island which in my point of view is much less interesting than this ferry, and more from the 11-S from which Visits to the interior of the Statue of Liberty have been very restricted or even not allowed.

The trip from New York begins offering beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the financial district of Manhattan. Soon after, we passed through Ellis Island leaving New Jersey behind, without a trace passing just in front of the Statue of Liberty. After about 15 minutes of travel, we will arrive at Staten Island leaving to the left the impressive Verrazano bridge.

To get back to Manhattan, follow the group of tourists at Staten Island station.

Travel time

The journey between Manhattan and Staten Island takes about half an hour, so it will take between an hour and a quarter and an hour and a half to make the excursion, depending on the traffic of the bay. Ferries leave every half hour approximately throughout the day.

The site with the best views of the ferry

To get the best views, we will have to get on the way out, from Manhattan, to the right of the ferry if we want to have a good place to take photographs of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan (If you're not a hustler, just enter the stairs and go to a deck that is just behind you, which only open when the ferry goes in the direction of Staten Island and there you will have spectacular views of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty) . On the way back from Staten Island we will have to be located on the left of the ferry.

Video of the views from the ferry

Here you have a video with the views that can be obtained from the ferry to Staten Island in Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, from our last visit:

How to get to the Staten Island ferry?

The ferry is caught in the vicinity of the Whitehall Street subway. There, just opposite the metro is the Staten Island ferry station (valid underground to Whitehall street or South Ferry).

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