My experience with a shared taxi from SuperShuttle

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Today I want to talk about my experience using one of the means of transport available to move to Manhattan from New York airports or vice versa that I always recommend: The shared taxi.

If you come to New York, either you are very few people (1 or 2 people is the best way out) or you are many and you need a means of transport to move all together (between 10 and 12) then I definitely recommend hiring the service of a shared taxi, which, although it takes a little longer than a traditional taxi or an Uber / Lyft, it sure is much cheaper.

The trick is very simple: a number of people will travel with you, and the driver will leave you at the hotels according to the most optimal route for him. If you're lucky, you'll be the first one you leave at your hotel, and if you're unlucky you'll have a little tour of Manhattan and you'll be the last one to leave you at your hotel.

Time and price of the shared taxi

The journey from the airport to the hotel or vice versa calculates that it will last between an hour and an hour and a half, and that adds some traffic jam that you can not go to during rush hour, which will take an average of a quarter of an hour or half an hour more than in a taxi, but The great advantage of shared vans is their price: you will leave for $ 20 / $ 22 per person, much cheaper than a taxi, which will cost from the JFK of about $ 60- $ 65 and something more expensive from Newark.

Where we hired a shared taxi

To perform the test, we hired the services of Super Shuttle through WePlann, that besides being very comfortable and being in Spanish allows us to pay both with Paypal and with your local currency directly. You just have to indicate the airport, the flight and the time it leaves or the one that arrives and in what point of Manhattan you want to be dropped off or picked up to hire this service.

JFK airport
JFK airport

The journey from the airport to the hotel

Whether it's Newark or JFK, the first thing you have to do when you arrive at the airport is to look for and approach the Welcome Center, which is usually next to the baggage exit and is where you have to go to say you have arrived and to be notified of the shared taxi service you have hired. After taking the data, we had to wait a few 20 minutes for us to pick up our van, where we were going at the end 5 people.

The van is comfortable and going 5 people went our way, there were no problems to put the bags (we had previously reported our number of bags) and the driver went to Manhattan on the highway and did not get too jammed (9 were in the morning and had already passed the rush hour) taking about an hour and a half to leave us at our hotel, and this time we had the bad luck to be the last to be left at your hotel.

From the hotel to the airport

As for the return to the airport, it was also very simple: At the time they had indicated that they were going to pick us up (you choose it when paying for the tickets, and they ask you to wait for the driver a quarter of an hour before the agreed time , just in case) the Super Shuttle van appeared at the hotel door and the driver usually comes in to ask for you at the reception, although as we were already waiting outside it was not necessary for him to do so. In this case, we were the first to be picked up and took a few laps around Manhattan to pick up the 10 people who this time were going to the airport, although as the van has a fairly large boot there were no problems to accommodate all the packages in the same. When we arrived at the JFK, the driver asked us which terminal we were going to, and some he left them at the 4 terminal and he left us at the 7 terminal, after an hour and a quarter of the trip (it was quite good because there was hardly any traffic to the 4 of the afternoon of that day)


Without a doubt, I recommend using the services of a shared taxi like Super Shuttle if you only go one or two people on the trip or are a large group and hire the entire van for you alone, you will save a lot of money in the transfer and the time difference is not very large average with respect to a taxi, being equally comfortable.

More information

For more information, I recommend you visit the web of WePlann, with information about Super Shuttle and other more luxurious means of transport, like limousines or full vans.

And if you want to know all the possibilities, I recommend you read our article about how to go to the airport in New York