Shanghai Cafe

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For me, Shanghai Cafe is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, one of those authentic Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood. Located on Mott Street, their fabulous dumplings make me come back every time I'm in New York.

Basic data of Shanghai Cafe

Name: Shanghai Cafe


Address: 100 Mott Street

Phone: (212) 966-3988

Area: Chinatown - Little Italy

Type: Restaurant

Price: 20 least €

Exterior of Shanghai Cafe
Exterior of Shanghai Cafe

Restaurant comment

An authentic Chinese restaurant in the middle of Chinatown, when you enter you will see that it has neither the glamor nor the excellence of other restaurants, but the see that it's full of Chinese eating It will let you know that you are in front of one of the best Chinese in Chinatown, and without a doubt my favorite in the neighborhood.

Although they are a little edge serving, it depends on the day with which the pilles will be more or less edges and some days until they are kind, dumplings are highly recommended, that I recommend (for me, the best in New York) and General Chicken (lovers of sweet and sour sauce, a spicy skin) The rest of dishes, typically Chinese, are also very rich.

For dessert, I recommend you go to Rice to riches, located a few blocks from this restaurant, and take a delicious rice with milk of the flavor that you like the most.

The famous Shanghai Cafe dumplings
The famous Shanghai Cafe dumplings

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