Shake Shack of Madison Square Park

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Although Shake Shack has more restaurants in the city, without a doubt this one, which is where they started, is the one that has more charm and better views of all. Is a kiosk located in the middle of Madison Square Park, right next to the Flatiron Building, and their burgers and smoothies are second to none.

Shake Shack basics

Name: Shake Shack


Address: Madison Avenue and 23rd street

Phone: (212) 889-6600

Area: Midtown Manhattan

Type: Restaurant

Price: 20 least €

Shake Shack exterior
Shake Shack exterior

Restaurant comment

Although Shake Shack is currently a chain of restaurants that has spread throughout New York and part of the United States, its original location is this kiosk that we find in the middle of Madison Square Park, and it is the place I like to go to. enjoy a good burger and a delicious smoothie as soon as the time minimally allows to be outdoors enjoying these delicacies.

And, although in winter put heaters, only very New Yorkers are able to take the hamburger at low temperatures next to a stove at the tables and chairs enabled throughout the park.

Of course, the fame of this site is proportional to the quality of the hamburger, so in rush hour it may take you some time to get your delicious hamburger. The ketchup or the mustard you have to serve yourself, in one of the sides of the kiosk, as well as the glasses of water necessary to cool you after the shake.

In the queue to place orders you have two options, just go for drinks, on the right and where there is almost never anyone, or go for drinks and food, which is always full. In any case, they will give you a locator, which when it starts blinking will mean that your order is ready to be picked up. While you wait, the best thing you can do is sit down at one of the tables in the park, quite requested.

Undoubtedly, before going into a McDonald's I recommend going to a Shake Shack and enjoy an authentic American burger on your trip to New York.

The famous Shake Shack burger and smoothie
The famous Shake Shack burger

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