The River Café

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The River Café is without doubt one of the most romantic restaurants in New York, and has a Michelin star. Its views of Manhattan are difficult to match, and it is a restaurant specially indicated to celebrate special occasions.

Basic data of The River Café

Name: The River Café


Address: 1 Water Street, Brooklyn

Phone: (718) 522-5200

Area: Brooklyn

Type: Restaurant

Price: More from 60 €

Exterior of The River Café
Exterior of The River Café

Restaurant comment

This restaurant is one of the best and most select New York, and it has a Michelin star. Located just below the Brooklyn Bridge, it has a spectacular view of Manhattan, especially at night.

Without a doubt it is a very romantic place, ideal for a very special occasion, or for a request of hand, if you neglect you will live live during the dinner.

The restaurant works with a short menu, in which you have a series of pre-set menus that allow you to select an entree and a second dish. For dessert if you're sweet, I recommend the Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge, a delicious cake in the shape of a Brooklyn bridge, as the name suggests.

Remember that There is a code of etiquette to access the restaurant, men should wear a jacket to be able to enter the restaurant or the bar after 4pm, if you do not bring it they will provide it. In any case, you should always be well dressed and wearing appropriate footwear.

For some months They also offer a breakfast and meals service certain days of the week in The River Café, but with prices according to the place where you are.

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