Rice to riches

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We are in one of those places that you can only find in New York. Located in Soho, Rice to Riches is a place that specializes in serving rice pudding, they have dozens of flavors and they prepare it beautifully to take away and be able to drink it in your favorite place in Soho or surroundings.

Rice to Riches Basic Data

Name: Rice to Riches

Website https://www.ricetoriches.com/

Address: 37 Spring Street

Phone: (+212) 274 0008

Area: Chinatown - Little Italy

Type: Takeaway

Price: 20 least €

Entrance to Rice to Riches
Entrance to Rice to Riches

Restaurant comment

Located in Soho, right next to the entrance to Little Italy, Rice to Riches is the Paradise for anyone who likes rice pudding. They have it of all types and flavors, with a variety of flavors that will surprise you. My favorite is undoubtedly the Be My Banana Coconut, a rice with milk with banana and coconut that is really delicious, only suitable for the very sweet ones of the house.

There is very little place to sit inside, but they prepare everything very well to take, so if you are eating in Soho, Little Italy or Chinatown I recommend you to reserve in the dessert and go to Rice to Riches and ask for your order to take a good day, they will prepare you perfect to take it in any park in the area while you rest a while from the walk you take that day. Also, with the amount of calories and sugar that you will take, you will recover strength to continue that day, nobody will have excuses not to walk a little more that day.

Interior of Rice to Riches
Interior of Rice to Riches

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