List of New York tourist cards

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One of the questions that visitors of this Web usually ask me is about the existing tourist cards and the main differences between them, as well as if it is interesting or not to buy them, so in this article we are going to talk about the main tourist cards that they offer us in New York, the main differences between them and a new option that is becoming quite fashionable in all tourist destinations: The double-decker tourist bus.

My recommendation is that if you buy any of these cards you have in mind that you buy the access for a certain number of days, so you will have to concentrate in those days the visits to the tourist attractions and leave other beautiful sites like the walk through Dumbo, the Brooklyn Bridge or the High Line or Gantry Plaza State Park for other days.

As to whether or not I would recommend buying any of these cards, there is no doubt that there are no tourists who go to New York for the first time and stop going to any of the lookouts in height, such as the Empire State or Top of the Rock , and want to visit one of the great museums of New York, such as the Met, the MoMA or the Museum of Natural History, so if your plan is to do something like that it is clear that the tourist cards can be profitable and save you a good money.

All the tourist cards allow access for a certain number of days to the main tourist attractions of New York with a significant discount on the price that we should pay if we were buying the ticket at your ticket office. The main differences between them is the duration of the card, the number of tourist attractions that we can access and the price of them, logically.

We will describe one by one the main 3 existing tourist cards:

If you prefer pay in your local currency instead of paying in dolares, I recommend hiring the cards through WePlann, which allows you to pay the New York CityPASS and the New York Pass in your local currency

Finally, comment that Big Bus Tours, like other similar companies, offers a double-decker tour bus that allows you to get on and off at any time, at the stops enabled for that purpose, and that they are continuously doing some pre-established routes. by New York through Uptown or Downtown Manhattan. It is a good way to get around New York and see it a little high on the street, especially if your stay is very short and you have little time to walk around the city, with the advantage that it is included in the New York Pass (a day of tourist bus in New York in the day card and two days of tourist bus in the cards of three or more days). For more information go to our article where we indicate our experience with a tourist bus in New York and for the purchase of tickets visit the official website of Big Bus Tours New York.

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