Recommendations to go with children to New York

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In this article we want to take our recommendations of places to go to New York when you come on the trip with the little ones in the house. In the map you can see marked the points of which we are going to speak for an easier location of these sites during your visit.

Central Park

Speaking of Central Park, certainly a good plan is to take a long walk through this beautiful park in which there are many areas without traffic, such as Sheep Meadow or Great Lawn, and children can have fun running and chasing squirrels without problems of traffic.

In Central Park there are two places that you may want to go to:

  • El American Museum of Natural History You will definitely love it, and it's a good plan on a rainy day. See the stuffed animals in their habitat, the planetarium, the dinosaurs, ... surely they love it and if before you go you see the movie with them A night at the museum sure they want to go.
  • El Central Park Zoo is the best known of New York, especially in the wake of the movie MadagascarIt is small but ideal to go with children since it is quite central. However, the best zoo in New York, and say the largest in a city in the world, is the one located in the Bronx, with more than 4000 species, although it is somewhat more expensive to arrive and it is recommended to go by train and be there all day No doubt the visit to the Bronx Museum can be complemented with a visit to its botanical garden, New York Botanical Garden, located in the immediate vicinity and that is really beautiful in late spring and early fall.
Interior of the Natural History Museum
Interior of the Natural History Museum

Visit Coney Island

On the other hand, in summer, and in late spring or early autumn it is advisable to visit Coney Island, which can be easily reached by metro. There we can find a spectacular aquarium, the NY Aquarium, with exhibition shows throughout the year, the famous amusement park Luna Park, and its no less famous roller coaster Cyclone, made of wood and that elders will love. Right next to these tourist attractions are the New York beaches, the mythical Nathan's with its famous hot dogs and its beautiful promenade, so in summer you can take advantage, take a towel and take a bath on the other side of the Atlantic.

An aircraft carrier in Manhattan

For those who go with older children, a good idea if you like aeronautics or boats is to visit the Intrepid Museum of the Sea, Air and Space. Located on the Hudson at Pier 86, at the junction of 12th Ave. with 46th Street, about fifteen minutes walk from Times Square, the museum is an aircraft carrier that you can visit in its entirety and where you can find all types of aircraft combat, as the F-14 Tomcat de Top Gun, the mythical spy plane A-12 Blackbird, an Concord or the space shuttle Enterprise.

Lookouts in height of New York

As for the viewpoints in height, I recommend visiting the Top of the Rock before the Empire State Building, the main difference is that in the Top of the Rock when you buy the ticket you are assigned the time of the climb to the viewpoint, with which the queues are much smaller and you can plan your time much better.

Visit the Children's Museum in Brooklyn

For those who buy the New York Pass You may be interested to visit the Brooklyn Children's Museum, which as its name suggests is located in Brooklyn. It is the first museum in the world that was opened for children and although it was opened in 1899 it has been recently remodeled and expanded in the 2005 year. Children can cook and prepare pizza, play with animals, build their buildings in sand, ... and they will surely have a great time. There is a version of this museum on the Upper West Side, the Manhattan Children's Museum, but it is not as famous as Brooklyn.

Times Square
Times Square

Times Square

Another site that children will love is Times Square, and not only for the whole show of neon lights, but because in its vicinity there are shops that are the paradise of any child:

  • Shop for M & M's, a world full of chocolate.
  • Shop for Disney, and where you will believe princesses or princes and you can find all kinds of objects from Disney movies.

Another store that you will also love is FAO Schwarz, with his legendary piano from the movie Big, which has just reopened at the Rockefeller Plaza.

Carousel in Empire-Fulton Ferry Park
Carousel in Empire-Fulton Ferry Park

Latest recommendations to go with children

Finally, recommend two other parks that are sure to delight the little ones in the house:

  • Bryant Park, with its lawn and its carousel in the middle of Manhattan, that will allow you to rest in its chairs and tables distributed throughout the park while they enjoy playing for a while.
  • Area DUMBO and its parks in Brooklyn and Empire-Fulton, exceptional views of Manhattan with benches to sit and a spectacular carousel under the Brooklyn Bridge, Jane's Carrousel, with a huge playground for children to run, play basketball, skate on wheels, Throw yourself down their slides and enjoy without fear of cars. Right next door, on the pier on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, where you can stop to buy a huge ice cream and enjoy it while you walk across the Brooklyn bridge back to Manhattan.

Map of the route