Best area to buy a product in New York

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New York is a city that encourages consumption, it can not be denied, its inhabitants are often driven by the madness of shopping and all visitors often take time to lose a day shopping in New York.

On this page we will indicate, based on our own experience, the most recommended places to buy in New York depending on the type of purchase you wish to make: clothing, footwear, electronics, books ...

Buy clothes and the New Jersey Outlets

In the o You will find very good prices for clothes and shoes, usually from other seasons. Unless you want to make a big purchase, I recommend going to those in Manhattan, which will avoid losing a full day just to go shopping. The most famous of Manhattan are Century 21, which is next to the World Trade Center (22 Cortlandt Street), or next to the Lincoln Center (on 1972 Broadway, between the 66th and 67th street). For those who want to do a lot of shopping and do not mind losing a whole day buying clothes, shoes and accessories, the largest and most recommended outlets are in New Jersey. The best known are Jersey Gardens and Woodbury Common Premium Outlet, which are approximately half an hour and one hour from New York respectively. To go to them, you have to go to Port Authority and take a bus that takes us and brings us to these gigantic outlet, although if you want to avoid problems you can always hire one of the tours that take you to Jersey Gardens o a Woodbury Common Premium Outlet.

The 15 of May of 2019 has opened its doors the first outlet within New York, specifically in Staten Island, just off the ferry to Staten Island, it is called Empire Outlets and it will be open 80% of its stores, He hopes that by the end of July they have already opened in full.

Buy footwear in New York

Although it's worth going to the outlets to look at footwear, as you search through the clutter in these stores you usually find good offers, My favorite place to buy footwear is 34th Street, between Fifth and Seventh Avenue. Along this street you find all kinds of shoe stores and clothing stores and sports shoes (Aldo, Aerosol, Payless Shoes, Foot Locker, Nine West, ...)

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is also very good, you have a store on 34th Street, just opposite the Empire State Building, but my favorite is Union Square, with beautiful views of the square and an extensive selection of footwear for men and women.

Tickets for Broadway

If you want to go see some of the most famous and spectacular Broadway musicalsAs the Lion King, Aladdin, Chicago o The Phantom of the Opera, the best thing is to buy tickets well in advance before your trip or it is more than likely that you do not have tickets the day you want to go see. For this, I usually recommend, apart from looking at the price on the official websites of the musicals, buy tickets at WePlann: The advantage of this website is that it is all in Spanish, including all the information of theaters and musicals. In addition, it allows you to choose seats in the most important musicals and you can pay easily and safely in your local currency.

If you do not care especially what musical to go, you can buy same-day tickets with great discounts that are offered at the last minute in places like TKTS Times Square, just below the Times Square steps, which is usually crowded, or in the TKTS of South Street Seaport or Lincoln Center, that are less saturated. As an advantage you will get a good discount, but as a disadvantage you will not sell tickets for the most demanded musicals (they do not have tickets for the Lion King, for example), or only have good locations in shows with less hook, but if you do not have preference for a musical especially and do not mind doing the queue, they only make sales at the box office on the day of the show, you can get tickets at good prices. For more information about the locations of the different points of sale, visit the TKTS New York official website.

For more information, we have a complete article with tips and recommendations for buy tickets for musicals in New York.

Make purchases of electronics (photo and video cameras, tablets, ...)

If you want to buy some electronics, digital cameras, tablets, ipads, ... it is best to go buy either one of the Best Buy stores, specialists in all types of electronic devices, or in B&H (Midtown, 34 street with the ninth avenue, a very curious store that is worth going to see, essential if you are a lover of photography) or in stores Apple (Although there are more stores, the one on Fifth Avenue with Central Park and the one in SoHo on Prince St. are spectacular).

Beware of falling into the trap of the Asian stores that are on the Fourth and Fifth Avenue near the Empire State, or Times Square with very competitive prices. While in the first stores we have indicated you will change the product you bought if you try it during your stay and have a problem, in the second they will tell you that you did not buy it there.

For cameras If you are fond of photography you can also go to Adorama (18 street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth), which has, like B & H, a large assortment that will enthuse fans of photography.

Photography shop B & H
Photography shop B & H

Purchases of Perfumery and cosmetics

For perfumery and cosmetics do not go crazy comparing prices between stores, then they all have the call retail price which is the same in all of them. What vary are the brands that can be found in one store or another and the gift samples after a good purchase (usually the department stores Macy's and Bloomingdale's are the ones that give more samples). Consider that American cosmetics brands are significantly cheaper in the US, eg. Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, etc.

Buy books, comics and collectibles

You will find bookstores everywhere, especially the Barnes and Noble chain. For lovers of old bookstores I recommend Strand Books (Union Square, on 12 Street with Broadway). In addition, there are two cult shops for objects, collectibles and comics: Forbidden Planet, in Union Square, down Broadway (832 Broadway, between 12th and 13th St. with Broadway) and Toy Tokyo, in the East Village (91 Second Ave, between 6th St. and 7th St.)

Buy Discs and music

For buy music in New York and do not go to the typical shopping center, I recommend going to the village, especially Bleecker street and its surroundings, where you will find a multitude of specialized stores, vinyl record sales and a large second hand market. To cite one of the most famous, if you like heavy, indie or punk music do not hesitate to go to Generation Records, in the 210 of the Thompson Street, between Bleecker street and the W3rd street, in the entrance you will find new CDs and vinyl and in the floor below you will find all the catalog of second hand.

Christmas shopping

The best known Christmas markets They are those of Bryant Park and Union Square, although if you do not want to go cold I recommend you go to the Grand Central market. And the most spectacular showcases are those of Macy's and Sacks, essential to go through them at Christmas time. And of course we can not forget the famous and spectacular Christmas tree Rockefeller Center and its ice rink, which remains open until mid-April. If you come to New York at Christmas, I recommend you read our article about Christmas in New York city, where we indicate all kinds of activities, markets, ice skating rinks, ... where you can go at that time of year

Alternative shopping around the village

For the alternative people or lovers of unique models the small shops of the village (East, Greenwich and West) are the paradise for shopping in New York, yes, prices can be quite high.

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