Plan for an unforgettable week of vacations in New York

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In this article we will describe the travel plan that would be made, based on my experience, in the event that I was to travel seven days on vacation to New York, to visit the main tourist sites in a week and return with a travel experience unforgettable. In principle, the order does not necessarily have to be indicated, but probably as a function of time, fatigue, ... would be selecting one route or another on the fly.

Do you want this plan? Download it

To make it easier to have all this information in a single file, which you can take on your mobile or tablet during the trip, or print it, from now on you have the possibility to download our plan for a week of vacation, more than 50 pages in PDF format with all the routes of this article, detailed maps, where to buy or our favorite restaurants. I hope you like it !!

Routes for a week in New York

Central Park Route : Without a doubt, going to visit Central Park is in all travel agendas, yes, I recommend you do not do this route on Monday because most of the museums are closed. For me, it is essential to visit the Metropolitan Museum (do not forget the viewpoint on the roof, only open in summer and with incredible views of Central Park and Manhattan), the Natural History Museum (spectacular dinosaurs on the top floor), Beldevere Castle , Dakota building (where Lennon lived and he was killed just outside the building, opposite in Central Park is Strawberry Fields, with the famous Imagine mosaic in homage to him) and Sheep Meadows (especially on weekends, you can take advantage of to buy something in a deli and throw yourself on this lawn to eat). More information in A day in Central Park.

Sheep Meadow on any Sunday
Sheep Meadow on any Sunday

Chelsea Market and the High Line: Undoubtedly the Meatpacking District is currently very fashionable in New York, and this building and this park are a clear example of the rehabilitation of this area of ​​Manhattan. It will not take more than a morning to see both things in a calm way, I would take advantage to arrive at lunchtime at Chelsea Market or the High Line, I'm sure both will surprise you, and avoid visiting it on weekends because there are so many people and The park of the High Line is full. More information in Walk around Chelsea Market and the High Line.

Tour of the Financial District and Brooklyn: the Ferry to Staten Island to take a walk around the bay and see the Statue of Liberty, but if you want to see Lady Liberty in other ways in this article, we tell you how to go see the Statue of Liberty. Also essential in this area is the visit to Wall Street and the 11-S memorial, and already in the Brooklyn neighborhood, crossing the subway, going to Brooklyn Promenade, eating in Juliana's pizza or in Grimaldi's Pizzeria, if you have the strength go to DUMBO in the afternoon (although if you are tired, you can leave the visit to DUMBO for another morning, more information in Walk through DUMBO), and cross the Brooklyn Bridge, both day and night. More information in Day at Financial District and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO
Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO

Walk through the center of the city (from 58th Street to approximately 23rd): Undoubtedly we are in the best known area of ​​Manhattan, the entire downtown area of ​​Manhattan with such famous sites as Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Empire State, New York Public Library or the always bustling Bryant Park. More information in Midtown Manhattan tour.

Here you will have to decide on one of the two most famous viewpoints in the city, and I recommend you try to go just before sunset:

  • Top of the Rock, you can take the tickets previously at some kiosks in the Rockefeller center, next to Prometheus.
  • Empire State Building, in the tail they tell you the distance in miles to which you have visibility.
Interior of the New York Public Library
Interior of the New York Public Library

Downtown Manhattan tour (from 23rd Street to Canal St., more or less): A more unknown but beautiful area is Bleecker street, in Greenwich Village, a place with a lot of atmosphere to which you should go especially at night to enjoy good music while dinners in mythical rock music sites rock, like Wha Café ?, or jazz, like the Blue Note or the Village Vanguard, try some of the best pizzas in New York in Keste or in John's or go to the essential Magnolia to take Banana Pudding or its cupcakes as the girls of Sex in New York. In addition, in the surroundings you will take a walk through the beautiful SoHo and the famous Chinatown, and its bargaining, and Little Italy. More information in Downtown Manhattan tour.

These 5 days are a long walk, so as we have a week we can divide these routes as it suits you best, so that one of the routes you divide in two, make a rest day between route and route to go shopping, ... To visit the rest of the areas of New York that we did not visit on these routes, a good option is to hire a Contrast tour guided in Spanish, where you can learn the contrasts between Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Our app to guide you through New York

To help you in your visit to New York, if you have an Android or IOS device, either mobile or tablet, I recommend you download our application, Destination New York, which will indicate the points of interest and nearest routes. More information in Destination New York, In the App Store from Apple or in Google Play.

Go to a Broadway musical

For those who, despite the walk, you still have strength I recommend without a doubt enjoy a musical on Broadway, the mecca of this theatrical genre and where you can enjoy great successes like The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, Aladdin or the last success, Anastasia. In our article Buy musical tickets in New York we give you a series of tips and suggestions to do it and get the best price for your tickets.

New York tourist cards

For those who want to go to several museums or tourist attractions in New York, and in most of the attractions avoid the queues, you may want to buy some of the four Main cards sold for tourists in New York: New York Pass, CityPASS, Sightseeing Pass and Smart Destinations. Here I explain briefly what each of them consists of, for more information, tips and recommendations I recommend you read our article to select the best tourist card for your trip to New York:

  • New York CityPASS offers only access to 6 from the most visited museums and viewpoints in New York and probably even if you are going to New York for the first time it will be more than enough: You have fixed access to the Empire State, the one found at the Metropolitan Museum, And the American Museum of Natural History and then you must choose between Guggenheim museum or the Top of the Rock, the September 11 Memorial and Museum or the Intrepid Museum of the Sea, Air and Space, And a sunset cruise through New York or the access ship to the Statue of Liberty. You must use the tickets in a maximum of 9 days from the day you make the first use of the tourist card. For more information or purchase of this card, visit the official website of New York CityPASS. If you want to pay with Paypal or with your local currency, you must buy your New York CityPASS with WePlann.
  • New York Pass It is the tourist card that gives you access to a greater number of attractions, because it allows you to access 80 tourist attractions in New York, including practically all the museums and viewpoints of the city except the One World Observatory, which at the moment does not it includes it. Is recommended for those who want to visit during their stay a lot of museums and activities, and do not want to stop seeing or perform any of them, but you have to keep in mind that you buy the access for a certain number of days, so you will have to concentrate on those days these visits and leave other precious sites like the walk through DUMBO , the Brooklyn Bridge or the High Line or Gantry Plaza State Park for other days. For more information and purchase of the New York Pass, I recommend going to the Official Web, and as before, if you want to pay with Paypal or in your local currency you must buy your New York Pass with WePlann.
  • Sightseeing Pass It is a tourist card with which You can access more than 100 attractions and with which you have two possibilities: Buy for a specific number of days or for a number of tickets. It is the only tourist card that includes the One World Observatory, but does not include the Empire State. For more information, visit Sightseeing Pass official website.
  • Go New York you are always buying a certain number of tickets to tourist attractions, which you have to use in 30 days from the date of first use of the card. It offers two different cards: Explore, that allows you to select the number of tickets you want to buy and in a totally free way you are spending the tickets between the 50 tourist attractions to which you have access (depending on the number of attractions the price will increase) and Go Select, where you must select the tourist attractions and museums that you want to visit and depending on them you calculate the final price of the card. For more information and purchase of these tourist cards, visit the official website of Go New York.

Go shopping

If you want to go shopping To the thousands of stores in New York, there are two pages in this guide that give you the best advice and will help you choose the area to go based on the purchases you want to make: Go shopping in New York, where we indicate the best areas to make your purchases, and Best area to buy a product in New York, where we tell you where to go based on the product you want to buy.

For those who visit New York at Christmas, I definitely recommend you take a look at the route Christmas in New York city and to know firsthand the best markets, essential visits and activities that can be done at Christmas time in this city.

Hotel reservation

And for accommodations, I would try to make our Hotel location as central as possible to Manhattan, between the streets 23th and 58th, in such a way that it is very easy for us to move around New York and we are a few subway stops from anywhere. That gives us many advantages during our trip: It allows us to get to the hotel quickly if we are very tired and it will allow us to download the purchases of the day and return to the action with much less weight.

To read reviews and reviews of New York hotels and even make the reservation, because automatically it looks for the best price in several Webs of hotels, I usually use Trip Advisor. Whenever I have used it, my opinion of the hotels usually coincides with that of this website, and it has a very useful section with photographs of travelers so you can see what you will find on arrival at the Web, sometimes very different from the photographs that hotels provide. Nevertheless to book the hotel I usually go to specialized websites, like, which has a good selection of hotels at the best prices on the Web. For those who want rent an apartment avoiding unpleasant surprises, I recommend you do it using some agency such as Airbnb, which has a good offer of apartments in New York and Manhattan. For more information, visit our page with tips on where to sleep in New York at a good price.

Union Square
Union Square

Recommended restaurants

Within the section of Restaurants and entertaiment , I recommend you especially:

  • Juliana's pizza o Grimaldi's, the best pizzerias in New York, right next to the Brooklyn Bridge and a jetty with great views over Manhattan.
  • Shanghai Café, an authentic Chinese in Chinatown, your dumplings love them or hate them, I love them :-) Finish taking as dessert a rice with milk of any flavor to take in Rices to Riches, at the end of Little Italy
  • John's Pizzeria o Kesté Pizza & Vino, in Bleecker st., very good pizza, to end up having for dessert banana pudding or some cupcakes Magnolia Bakery.
  • Coffee Wha?, go one night to dinner with live music, especially on Wednesdays and Sundays where they do not charge entrance and only demand you to ask for at least two drinks, something easy while watching the performance, it is a place that has enchanted all those who have gone . In summer they organize boat trips on the Hudson while the orchestra is playing, if you are lucky enough to coincide with one of those days do not hesitate to sign up.
  • I would go one day to pay a good tribute to Pershing Square, where he would ask for a good steak to eat (before the 2) and for dessert his cheese cake, which is very good.
  • To take a real American hamburger we will go to Burger Joint, at Le Parker Meridien or to any Shake Shack Of the latter, the one I like the most is the original, located next to Flatiron Building, in Madison Square Park, where their burgers are incredible with excellent flavor shakes that you like the most.
  • Go to a supermarket or deli and buy food to take to Central Park, to Sheep Meadows for example, especially the weekend, you'll see how to do this is a very New York habit.
  • Max Brenner, right next to Union Square, if you like chocolate.
  • Katz's Delicatessen, at the beginning of Soho (corner of Houston Street with Ludlow Street), one of the few delis that are left in New York, I recommend all your sandwiches to share between two.

My favorite sites

Finally, to finish this article, I give you the list of my favorite places in New York and I think you should not stop visiting (but hey, everything is to go walking and discover things in our path, everything will sound for the movies ... )

Like all these lists, this one is very personal and you will not have to match the 100% with your tastes, but I hope you like all the points that I select, which are the following:

  • Sheep Meadows, in Central Park, and the view from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum in summer.
  • The viewpoint Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building, in the late afternoon to see both day and night the city.
  • Rockefeller Center, and its skating rink in winter.
  • Times Square, day and night is always crazy people.
  • Bryant Park, my favorite park in NY.
  • Grand Central Terminal, always boisterous, and the Chysler building right next door (you can only see outside)
  • Flatiron Building, my favorite New York building located next to Madison Square Park.
  • Chelsea Market and the Highline, or how to turn an abandoned Nabisco factory into a beautiful market and convert its roads to transport goods to the factory in a spectacular park in height overlooking New York.
  • Cross the Brooklyn bridge, a classic of all trip to the Grand Manzaa, y Brooklyn Promenade, to enjoy the beautiful neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights.
  • DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Located next to each other, their views of Manhattan and the bridges of Brooklyn and Manhattan are spectacular, where the perspective improves, if possible, at sunset.
  • Ferry to Staten Island, both during the day and just at sunset, to see sunset over Manhattan.
  • Governor's Island and its incredible views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn, although it only opens in summer.
  • Gantry Plaza State Park, a spectacular view at dusk from Queens.
  • Area Wall street y the Memorial and the Museum of the 11-S, remember that in front of Wall Street where the statue of Washington is the Federal Hall which is a tourist office. Nearby is Bowling Green, the oldest park in NY. Without a doubt, the observatory of the World Trade Center, One World Observatory, gives us a different view of the city than the one offered by the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock, both located very close to each other in Midwtown.
  • Greenwich Village, the zone of Bleecker Street, Tribeca y SoHo, where you will find the most rogue side of New York.

And for those who have more than a week

For those who are going to be more than seven days in the city, you can consider visiting some of the famous sites nearby, such as Boston, Washington or Niagara Falls. For them, there are two options: Visit them in an organized excursion with a guide in Spanish, and do not worry about all the details, or else go on a trip on your own. In any case, we recommend you read our article about Destinations near New York, where you can expand all the information and how to prepare your trip to these tourist destinations.