Pershing Square

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We are in one of those places that I like New York for lunch or dinner. Located in an unbeatable location, just across from Grand Central Terminal, it is open almost all day, so it's a good place to get a good American-style breakfast, lunch or dinner in Midtown.

Basic information of Pershing Square

Name: Pershing Square


Address: 90 E 42nd Street

Phone: (+212) 286 9600

Area: Midtown Manhattan

Type: Restaurant

Price: From 20 to 40 €

Entrance to Pershing Square
Entrance to Pershing Square

Restaurant comment

The site is unbeatable, right next to Grand Central Terminal, you will find it just below the bridge that joins Park Avenue. The meat on this site is excellent, and it is worth saving a place for dessert and so try their delicious cheesecake.

The place is quite large, so there is usually no problem finding a place to eat or dine and the atmosphere is very pleasant, with a little dim light. It also has a bar where you can have a drink if you feel like it, but it is not the Most animated site in New York.

From your letter, which varies depending on the time of day you go, I recommend steaks (steaks), hamburgers, onion soup au gratin and scallops (scallops)

Interior of Pershing Square
Interior of Pershing Square

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