Paul Winter Summer Solstice

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One more year the Twenty-fourth edition of Paul Winter Summer Solstice, with which the famous musician celebrates the arrival of the summer solstice in New York. The appointment is the next 22 of June of 2019 to the 4: 30 of the morning, in the incomparable frame of the church of St John the Divine.Church of St John the Divine, venue of the show

This concert, of about two hours, by Paul Winter Consort, it begins when the city and the church are still in complete darkness, and the performance is carried out from different points of the church as light enters the spectacular windows of St John the Divine, making a magical effect and a unique experience for the lucky ones who are able to live it live in New York.

My recommendation is that if you can, and you like the music of Paul Winter, do not miss this show, although the early bird is one of those that marks a time. Paul Winter explains the reason for this early morning: "Offer an experience in the mystical atmosphere of these hours of the morning, through a journey of deep listening within this impressive cathedral, the largest in the world."

I've been lucky enough to be able to enjoy this concert some year, and then during the free breakfast they offer you, to chat with Paul Winter, which is really lovely, and I have to admit that It is a unique experience, of those opportunities that you only have once in your life, and although the next day you do not give much, a good nap will fix you and give you the batteries to continue enjoying New York. Yes, I recommend you go well rested, the concert begins with very soft music and in total darkness, and more than one of those around gave a good nod laughing

The performance is performed at Saint John the Divine Cathedral, located just at the northwest end of Central Park, at 1047 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10025 (at the corner of 111th St. and Amsterdam Ave. near Columbia University and a Broadway block).

This year, Eugene Friesen plays with the cello; Jeff Holmes, at the piano; Ray Nagem, to the organ; Paul Winter with the soprano saxophone and multiple percussionists, in addition to the spectacular voice of Theresa Thomason and the choir Pletenitsa Balkan Choir.

Tickets for the Paul Winter Summer Solstice go on sale March's 20, and remember that this concert is not like its winter version, it is only performed as the only performance next Saturday 22 in June, and will start the 4: 30 am. You can get your ticket from $ 40 and the show with the music of Paul Winter, taking advantage of the extraordinary acoustics of the dome and the stained-glass windows of the Saint John the Divine cathedral illuminated by the dawn of that day, hopefully as always it is unmatched.

For more information about Paul Winter Summer Solstice

More information on the official website of Paul Winter and sale of tickets on the official website of Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

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