St. Patrick's Day Parade

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If you are next Saturday 16 March in New York you should not miss the St. Patrick's parade, one of the most spectacular and most multitudinous of those held annually in New York, and one of the oldest, since it is celebrated from 1762, and the largest St. Patrick's parade in the world.

The parade, which 2019 celebrates in its 259 edition this year, is the largest festival in the Irish community and takes place every year on Fifth Avenue. The parade will start on 16 Saturday in March at the 11 in the morning and more 20.000 people participate in it and is seen on the streets of New York by more than two million people every year.

When is the parade celebrated?

This year 2019 the parade is celebrated on Saturday, and not the March 17, which is the traditional date of the parade, given that all the years that the March 17 coincides on Sunday the parade is moved to Saturday to respect the traditional Sunday rest .

St. Patrick's Cathedral, where the parade passes
St. Patrick's Cathedral, where the parade passes

Where can you see the parade?

For those who want to enjoy it live, the parade begins on 44th Street and up to Central Park on Fifth Avenue to the Met, which is where it ends. A good trick to enjoy the parade without too much stress is to avoid seeing it below the 59th street, which is where the biggest crowds take place, and enjoy it at the height of 66th street or take advantage of the access stairway to the Met to see the parade with a little perspective.

Of course, usually this day is drunk more than the account, so you will find one or another around the city with a few drinks, if you find a group so it is best to let them go and continue their way.

More information about the St. Patrick's Day parade

More information about the parade and its schedules on the official website of New York City St. Patrick Day Parade, in English.