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In a single guide of New York it is impossible to put together all the routes and possibilities that you have in a big city like this one. So here I leave a compilation of which for me are some of the best guides you can find in New York, with no criteria other than my personal taste.

Paper guides

Undoubtedly, the New York Lonely Planet guide has always been a reference guide for the city, it was the first guide I bought for my first trip to New York and the one that helped me make the first routes through the city. city. Here I leave a link to the Lonely Planet guide this year.

Also of great quality, and with illustrations that help move around the city, the New York visual guide de Aguilar is another of the guides that I usually have on hand in my travels around the world.

Other guides that are a reference for me when I travel are the Anaya guides, and the New York guide could not miss this list. In this edition you have good maps and proposals, and here I leave a link to Anaya's New York Guide to buy it.

A little cheaper than these two and a series that I usually use to prepare my trips to the United States, and also edited by Anaya, is the New York Globetrotter Guide, which includes a map to move around the city.

Guides in pdf

Here I recommend two of the guides that we have generated with the content of this website, and that we update every year:

La complete guide of New York, is a guide to more than 100 pages with the main routes and points of interest that appear on this website. In addition, you can export it in pdf, epub or mobi format, so that you can take it during your trip on your mobile, tablet, ebook or Kindle to consult it at any time.

If you want, you can customize this guide and select only the contents that you want it to contain, selecting them among all the available ones. Undoubtedly, a good way to take this guide on your trip saved on your mobile or tablet and not miss what you consider most important.

Our app, Destination New York

Another way to take our guide on your mobile or tablet is by downloading our app, Destination New York, in which, besides including our complete guide, you can check when you have a connection in New York, it is very easy to get a free WiFi in the city, more than 10 routes and more than 100 points of interest, some of which we only have in our app, getting the indications to go from the point where you are located in the city, the distance to the selected point and the estimated time of travel. Undoubtedly, a great help for our trip

Maps and plans

For those who like to take a map or map of the city on paper, I always make three recommendations:

Other websites

Finally, here I leave a list of my 5 favorite websites of the "competition" that I think have good content and that somehow complement mine. As you can see, in some things, most will agree and in others, but you can also have more opinions of the tourist attractions we are talking about and know the experience of more people.

New York Guide - To the point: What I like most about this guide is that all the contents go to the grain, as its name suggests, you will find routes and points of interest in New York with a detailed description that you can read in less than 5 minutes, and with downloadable maps to be able to take them to your trip. At the moment they do not have much content, but they are growing at a great speed.

To New York: In this guide, from Angie Castells and Quim Castellà, you will find all kinds of routes and curiosities of New York, it is a guide with new contents almost every week and of a couple that is currently living in New York, for what it is guarantee of fresh and quality content. Highly recommended

The 5th with Bleecker St.: This blog by Isabel Leyva is made with great love, and it shows that the person who writes it is a New Yorker like me, and who also goes several times a year to refresh content and keep the articles updated.

Alone in New York: What for Bianca Porcar was a trip to New York to reflect and rediscover soon became a blog with very interesting articles and in a travel agency to take people alone to New York. Their trips only for girls are very requested and always fill up.

Authentic New York: Pedro and Abby are from Malaga and an American who fell in love and went to live in New York, since then they have a very interesting blog and a travel agency dedicated to making tailor-made trips to the Big Apple from Spain, which is where they currently reside.

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