New York City Marathon

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The New York Marathon It is undoubtedly one of the most famous and famous races in the world. The marathon is celebrated from 1970 the first Sunday of November and more than 40.000 athletes take the exit every year, being seen by more than two million people in the streets of New York.

History of the marathon

In the first editions the race was held around several circuits around Central Park, and participation in 1970 was just 127 runners, but the race was popularized quickly and in 1976 the track is changed and more than 2.000 runners begin to perform the current circuit, which passes through the five boroughs or districts of New York, in this order Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queen, Manhattan and Bronx.

Although it is not the best marathon to establish good marks (the ups and downs of the course and the hills of Central Park make the circuit quite hard), the prestige of winning the New York marathon makes every year a large number of professional runners go to run this marathon (great champions like Paul Tergat or Paula Radcliffe are some of the last winners in male and female respectively). Despite the hardness of the circuit, Grete Waitz broke the women's world marathon record in 1978 and won this race in 9 of her 11 participations, this great Norwegian champion being the person who has won the most times in her history.

Travel and video of the marathon

The exit to the marathon is given in Staten Island, right at the entrance to the Verrazano bridge, which crosses the bay and connects us to Brooklyn, from here the circuit goes through Brooklyn and Queens until we reach Queensboro Bridge, which is where the East River crosses and we enter Manhattan, already at mile 16. In Manhattan we started to go up First Avenue, through a small area of ​​hills that make this part quite hard, to get to the Bronx, make a mile through this district, cross a couple of bridges and start down Fifth Avenue to Central Park, where we entered for a mile, we left again to Fifth Avenue by the Plaza Hotel and already in Columbus Circle we go back into Central Park to face the last kilometer and reach the mythical goal in Tavern on the Green. Click here to download the tour in PDF.

Registration in the New York Marathon

For those who want to run the New York marathon, the registration period starts at the beginning of the year every year. To register you will be asked for your personal information, that you are older than 18 years the day of the race and that you prove, if you can, your marathon mark by providing the diploma of arrival of one of the marathons that serve to accredit the brand (in Spain there are several marathons that are admitted)

Going up First Avenue
Going up First Avenue (kilometer 26)

In the case that you do not prove a brand, or that this is not considered sufficient, you will enter to be part of the lottery, which is celebrated at the end of February, in which the remaining places of the marathon are randomly assigned. In any case, do not despair if a year does not the lottery is your turn and you can not participate, usually 5 times more people than they can participate, so it is not easy for you to play the lottery.

In addition, if you have a place for one year and you give up (for an injury, an inescapable commitment, ...) the following year you can run the New York marathon, as they automatically assign you the place for the next edition, as long as you make this resignation in the term and in the agreed forms. For more information, brands that ask you to enter directly, other ways to access, ... visit our article about the registration to the New York Marathon.

People cheering in the Plaza, two kilometers from the finish line
People cheering in the Plaza, two kilometers from the finish line

Other ways to get your bib

Another way to ensure participation in the New York Marathon is to pay for your registration a quantity of money for the charity, or take advantage of some of the places for international brokers that are offered in exchange for an amount of money, but in the latter case even if you renounce your participation you do not have the right to participate next year in the race.

And if you go as companions?

In this case, if you are going to encourage a runner I recommend you read our article with the 5 Best points to encourage your marathoners, in which we explain the best points of the route where to meet the runner and be able to see you during the marathon, although everything will depend on the brand that your marathoner has and how skillful you are going on the New York subway.

Get your hotel well in advance

As a last advice, recommend to those who intend to run the marathon that book the hotel well in advance In the area closest to the arrival, preferably between 50th and 70th streets in Manhattan, your legs will thank you when you return to the hotel after the race, as there are so many people that there are no vehicles around and in the vicinity. Most of the cases you will have to walk a good distance and take the subway, which is free for the marathon runners with dorsal, to return to the hotel. If you want to get an idea of ​​what you are going to find or where it is located, and even to make reservations, then automatically find the best price on several hotel websites, I usually use Trip Advisor, or specialized websites, such as, which also have a good selection of hotels and good deals throughout the year.

For our experience, I recommend you stay in the New York Hilton Midtown, which is located on Sixth Avenue (Avenida de las Américas) right next to the Radio City Music Hall, and which is the hotel of the organization and where a large number of professional marathon runners are housed, yes, You will have to book with enough time if you want to be lodged in it on the dates of the marathon. The great advantage is its proximity to the finish line and to Central Park, for those who want to stretch their legs a bit before the marathon, and which is very central, so you can walk practically to all the tourist sites in New York, that you will thank after the beating to finish the marathon.

More information about the New York Marathon

For more information, registration, ... go to Official website of the New York Marathon (all information is in English)

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