New Year's Eve in New York

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Lately they are asking me a lot about going New Year's Eve and celebrate New Year's Eve in New York, so I'm going to give you some brief tips for those who are going to spend the end of the year 2018 in New York and want to welcome the 2019 year in the best possible way.

New Year's Eve in Times Square

Undoubtedly, the most traditional and best known site worldwide for celebrate the new year entrance is Times Square. Every year, more than a million people go to Times Square to celebrate the year's entrance together. Access to the plaza is free, and the NYPD makes an exhaustive control of the access, so I recommend you leave everything before going to the hotel or the apartment and go with the least possible things to Times Square: Bags, handbags, suitcases or backpacks are not allowed. Yes, you should go to Times Square very well warm and pretty early, I am afraid that if you want to have good views of the ball that descends you will have to spend several hours waiting in the open, and if you do not like crowds is not your place for New Year's Eve For more information, visit the official website of Times Square.

Times Square

If the wait is too long, or you want to see more comfortably, you can always book at any of the restaurants that have views of Times Square and that will allow you to follow the event without going cold and from a more or less privileged watchtower, depending on the restaurant and the price you are willing to pay for the evening.

Other end of the year options

Another option, which you can do well after seeing the entrance of the year in Times Square, is to reserve a table in the Village for dinner and drink after the chimes. Greenwich Village It gets up people to welcome the new year, and almost all pubs and restaurants prepare their parties more or less private. Since I am a fan of the site, I can not help but recommend the party that organizes the Coffee Wha?, I'm sure you'll have a fun time, as it is prepared by other greats in New York Blue Note, Griffin or BB King Blues Club.

A cruise to say goodbye to the year

Finally, a very interesting option is to book a seat on one of the cruises, organized by companies such as Circle Line o Water Taxi, that are made by New York and to be able to enjoy from the sea the fireworks that are sent by all the city, or even of a dinner with show before the fireworks.

Brooklyn and Central Park for the end of the year

Another good option is to try to go to Brooklyn bridge At midnight, after dinner, and from the vicinity, such as Brooklyn Bridge Park or Brooklyn Promenade, you can visualize the fireworks, or go to Central Park, to the area of ​​Wollman Rink and surroundings, so from an area cleared of trees to see also the fireworks.

Happy 2019 year from New York tourist guide

In any case, for those of you who are in New York on New Year's Eve or those who like me unfortunately can not enjoy New Year's Eve in this great city, you always come home for Christmas, like the Almendro laughing, I hope you have a great day and have a good entry of the year 2019.

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