My experience with a Sightseeing Pass in New York

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Today I am going to tell you about my experience using a Sightseeing Pass in New York, the most modern tourist card in New York and the only one that contains the One World Observatory among its attractions. The idea is to write an article in which I explain the planning and the things I do during the 4 days that I have it, and also tell you things that I could have done and did not do, because I had repeated them too much, and that You could perfectly perform on the days that you have this card.

Why choose the Sightseeing Pass?

What I like most about the Sightseeing Pass is that you have two possibilities, so I'm sure one of them will fit for your trip:

  • Buy a card where you have access to more than 100 tourist attractions in New York for a certain number of days, which they call Day Pass.
  • Buy a card where you choose the number of tickets and you can also use it in more than 100 attractions, and call it Flex Pass. This is, for me, the ideal card if you just want to go visit 2 to 4 sites or have already been to New York and just want to go to a fixed number of sites that are included in your list.

For more information, visit Sightseeing Pass official website, and if you want to compare all existing cards, I recommend you visit our article to choose the best tourist card for your trip to New York.

The adventure begins

First of all and first of all I have to start by thanking Sightseeing Pass for the free transfer of an 4 day card so that I could make this article.

The idea is to plan 4 days in New York and try to use as much as possible the tourist card, but without going crazy, so that left space for other activities.

Knowing that currently, in the year 2018, is not included the entrance to the Empire State, I have clear the two lookouts in height of New York that I will choose: My favorite, the Top of the Rock, and the one that has this card exclusively tourist, the One World Observatory, and then I will dedicate myself to visit some of the spectacular museums of the city and take a tour.

And without further delay, I tell you what we did during these four days.

First day: Financial District and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The day dawns clear and very hot, so we decided to alternate exterior things with activities inside.

We take the subway and go to the Financial District, getting off at the Oculus, our first visit. The Oculus is a huge and spectacular shopping center and transport interchange, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and which is located right next to the September 11 Memorial and Museum.

We went to the memorial, and after seeing it we got into the museum, whose entrance is included in the card. At the end you always have a strange feeling and anger, so we decided to walk and we are going to visit the nearby Wall Street, Federal Hall and the Charging Bull, eat something fast in the area and finally climb the One World Observatory. On a clear day, from this viewpoint you can see all of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, and has a view so different from that obtained from the Empire State or the Top of the Rock that I always recommend going to him and one of the others Two observatories to get a more complete perspective of all of New York from above.

With the heat it makes, we decided that we should take advantage of the great day of visibility we have, so after shopping at the nearby Century 21 we take the subway and go to the Rockefeller Center to get tickets to the Top of the Rock and give us time to see New York day and night.

After getting the tickets, we go to the hotel to leave the shopping, which is very close, and so go without any bulk to the Top of the Rock, which we climbed with half an hour ahead of the time set for sunset.

In this viewpoint, the view is spectacular, and for me it is the most beautiful and iconic view of the Big Apple, with the Empire State in the background, yes, at this time the viewpoint is up people and you have to arm yourself in a Little patience to get a place to take your pictures.

View from the Top of the Rock
View from the Top of the Rock

After enjoying this view, we end the day by dining in the area.

Second day: Cruise on the river, Roosevelt Island and Brooklyn.

The second day we started it in the best possible way, making a cruise on the river that will allow us to see New York from one side and the other of the island, and incidentally get closer to see the Statue of Liberty. There are several cruises included in the Sightseeing Pass, both day and night, and we decided on the Landmark Cruise, Circle Line, which lasts about 90 minutes and leaves at 11 in the morning.

It is advisable to be a little ahead of time on the ship, if you want to have a good place to take photos, and if you arrive late, I'll give you a trick: shortly after leaving the ship's bow area opens, where you can go out and take pictures, although there are no seats and you must be the entire crossing standing.

The journey begins in Midtown, showing the entire area of ​​Chelsea and New Jersey until it reaches the main tourist attraction of the trip, the beloved Lady Liberty. So that everyone on the ship can take their pictures, the cruise will stop around the Statue of Liberty for about 5-10 minutes, and it will turn so you can have your picture with the star of the city. where you are located in it Of course, make all your photos at this time with the Statue of Liberty, because the cruise will no longer happen near it.

View of the Statue
View of the Statue of Liberty from the cruise

Next, the ship heads to Brooklyn and will go up the East River to the Williamsburg Bridge, where it will turn around and head back to Manhattan.

After finishing, we take right where the boat leaves the bus M42, and we get off at the corner of Times Square with Eighth Avenue, where we take the subway to our next goal, the Roosevelt Island cable car.

We get off at the stop 59th / Lexington Av., And a short distance away is the head of the cable car, which we take to go to the island.

Upon arrival, we went to enjoy the views from the promenade and the park Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, and given the time, we decided to eat there.

At the end, we take one of the new means of transport available in the city: The NYC Ferry, which will take us at 4 stops to Wall Street. The price of the ferry is $ 2.75, and it is a very pleasant walk along the East River and a highly recommended alternative to the metro.

When we get to Wall Street, we go out and take the 2 subway line on Wall Street to go to the next stop in the direction of Brooklyn, Court Street, and then get out at Brooklyn Promenade and take a walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park, where we still enjoy wonderful views of the city.

At the end, we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and ended the day at City Hall Park, taking the subway to go to dinner at the Village, a well-deserved break after a very intense day.

Third day: Central Park and its museums

The third day gets up with a threat of rain, so this is the day we decided to dedicate mainly to visit some of the most important museums in New York and take advantage while it is not raining to see Central Park.

We begin our journey by going by metro to the American Museum of Natural History, which is our first visit. After seeing all kinds of animals, fossils of dinosaurs and precious minerals stops raining and it is when we take the opportunity to go around Central Park and cross to the East zone of the City. We went down to the Dakota building, we went into Strawberry Fields, the John Lennon tribute that is unusually empty because of the rain, we went up to Belvedere Castle, which is under construction and we went through the park to leave Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York, our next stop.

Upon entering the museum, to the left of the ticket offices, right next to the audio guides, there is a ticket office for tourist cards, and that's where we get our card to visit the museum.

Interior of the Guggenheim Museum
Interior of the Guggenheim Museum

At the end, we go back to the mile of the museums already just 8 streets we find the jewel in the crown of New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met).

The Met is much bigger than the Guggenheim, and after getting our ticket for the next 3 days at the pre-sale box office, which is just opposite when we enter a little to the left, next to the group box office, we have We plan to see the exhibition that we can cover in the time that remains until the closing. In summer, an essential place to visit if it is open (usually close if it rains) is to climb the roof of the museum and enjoy the view of Central Park and New York from there, and then with renewed strength we take a walk through the section of European, contemporary and American artists, always a delight.

After finishing at the Met and just need to go to rest a bit at the hotel, some souvenir shopping and dinner before going to bed.

Fourth day: MoMa and the High Line

On the fourth day we started it hard going to visit the last great museum in New York, which we were missing: Museum of Modern Art of New York (MoMA). After visiting his spectacular collection, and having a good time in the museum shop, which can always give you great ideas to give, we went to discover the Chelsea neighborhood and its most famous neighbor, the High Line.

The High Line starts right next to the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the spectacular building designed by Renzo Piano has some of the best views of downtown New York from its rooftop, so taking advantage of the entrance to our pass we went up there and enjoyed its short but beautiful exhibition of American art.

When we go down, we start walking along the High Line and we see something that has already happened to us in the last few times we have come here: It has become so fashionable that it sometimes costs to take a step and I do not recommend it if you do not like it the crowds of people. Yes, whatever the day is, we always go to the Chelsea Market to take a walk and enjoy this market, and then we go back to the High Line to finish its journey, right on the Hudson Yards that are building at a dizzying speed.

View of the High Line
View of the High Line

After some last shopping in the area of ​​34th street we ended the day at the hotel and took the opportunity to go to see a Broadway musical: Anastasia, from this experience you can read more in this article.

What could we have done and not done?

There are some things that we have not done and we could have done it, but we are old sea wolves and some of them have already been done so we have not wanted to repeat ourselves, but here I leave them in case they are of your interest:

  • Get on the tourist bus, especially the first day to be in New York and see first some of the most tourist sites.
  • Rent a bike or take a guided tour of Central Park by bike, but it was raining and it would not have been very pleasant on this occasion, in any case if you manage fairly well with it I recommend it, because you can see many more areas of the park in a very short time.
  • Do some of the guided tours walking around New York, or the tours through Madison Square Garden or Radio City Music Hall.
  • The tourist card includes several sunset or night cruises in New York that we have already done some of them, but we consider it a good way to end an exhausting day in the city resting and enjoying the views.
  • If you go with the youngest of the house, you may be interested to enter the zoo of Central Park or go to the amusement park of Luna Park, located in Coney Island.
  • The museum and the botanist of Brooklyn, especially in spring and if you like Egyptian art.

Doing accounts

Have we been interested in buying 4 days of the Sightseeing Pass? The answer is yes, if we do accounts, in all the places we have visited in the end we would have spent, without including the proposed extras, the following:

  • Museum of the 11-S: $ 26
  • One World Observatory: $ 34
  • Top of the Rock: $ 39,20
  • Intrepid Museum of Air and Space: $ 24
  • Landmark cruise Circle Line: $ 37
  • Guggenheim Museum: $ 25
  • Metropolitan Museum: $ 25
  • Museum of Natural History: $ 22
  • MoMA: $ 25
  • Whitney Museum: $ 25

That totals $ 282, the pass price of 4 days is $ 219, so we have saved more than one 20% of the tickets, and we have not spent any of the most expensive things on this card, like the Hop-on Hop-off bus, bicycle rental or tours walking through New York, and that had significantly improved the savings obtained.

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