My must-see sites in New York

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We all always have a list of essential sites within a big city like New York, those sites that you recommend to your friends to go on their trip.

Like any list, this is subjective and maybe the site may have become one of my favorites due to multiple circumstances: The day I went, the circumstances that surrounded the first visit, the company, ... Therefore, I hope all these sites like you as much as I do, but if for some reason your visit does not become an essential site on your list, make your critical comments with benevolence.

And without further delay we begin with the list of my 5 must-see sites in New York:

Bryant Park

This park is the only one I always go, regardless of the time I'm in the city, from the first time I went to New York. I always recommend to sit quietly at the tables and chairs that are scattered around the park and enjoy the spectacle of seeing New Yorkers pass, interact, eat, .. In addition, it has activities throughout the year: In summer it becomes a cinema of Summer every Monday and in the stage of performances, yoga classes, games, ... the rest of the days, and in winter it becomes Winter Village, one of the best ice skating rinks in New York and the only free one if you go with your skates In addition, the children will have a great time running through the park and riding in the carousel that is in the middle of it. For more information, visit our article about Bryant Park.

Top of the Rock

From my point of view, the best lookout point in New York. Not only is it the only one that allows you to see Central Park from on high, it is also the one with the most iconic view of New York, with the Empire State Building in the background, right in front of the viewpoint.

For more information, schedules and prices I recommend you visit our article about Top of the Rock.

Views from Top of the Rock
Views from Top of the Rock

Gantry Plaza State Park

Choosing between the parks on both sides of the river with beautiful views of New York is always difficultand so much DUMBO as Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park o A walk through Hoboken watching New York They have their charm, but I'll stick with Gantry Plaza State Park because of its location and its history. Located in Queens, but just one subway stop from Grand Central (or three Times Square stops) I like the route to get to the park. As soon as we got off the subway, we found a police station, very much like the Sad Song of Hill Street, and following the street to the end we arrived at the park, located in some old restored piers and an old Pepsi factory that was demolished, and of which the original poster of the factory is conserved in one of the points of the park. The sunset views of Manhattan are spectacular, with the skyscrapers dying orange, so take the opportunity to sit on one of its benches and sun loungers and enjoy the show. For more information I recommend you visit our page about Gantry Plaza State Park.

Old Fulton Street, in Brooklyn

This street, located just below the Brooklyn Bridge, has a two of the best pizzerias in New York, Juliana's Pizza and Grimaldi's, plus a Shake Shack where you can enjoy a good hamburger. The views of Manhattan from the jetty, or from the surrounding parks (Brooklyn Bridge Park or DUMBO) are also spectacular, and it is well worth lowering the lunch or dinner enjoying a delicious ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. In addition, in the immediate vicinity we have the entrance to cross the Brooklyn Bridge walking and thus finish doing the digestion of the pizza. For more information, I recommend you read our articles on DUMBO, Brooklyn's bridge y a walk to see Brooklyn.

Old Fulton Street
Old Fulton Street

Ferry to Staten Island

Come to New York and not go to say hello to the Statue of Liberty It can be considered almost a sin. Although there are many ways to go see the Statue of Liberty, in this article we discussed all the possibilities, my favorite way to do it is using the ferry to Staten Island. The reason: An irresistible price, is free, and is the one that takes less time to see it, in one hour you have made the trip. Also for the same price you can feel for one day Melanie Griffith in Weapons of Woman while going to work from Staten Island to Manhattan. For more information, I recommend you read our article about Ferry to Staten Island.

And what are your essential New York sites?

These are my 5 must-see sites in New York, and now I would like to know, what are yours? Comment on this page or tell us through our Contact Form, soon we will be adding in this article your recommendations.

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