My experience in Broadway musicals: Anastasia

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One of the things that people asked me the most was to explain what it was like to go to a Broadway musical. So I got to work, I got handsome and I started to go to one of the musicals that is fashionable on Broadway.

NOTE: : The 31 March of 2019, Anastasia closed the season on Broadway and has toured several cities in the United States, but as the experience in all musicals is very similar I keep leaving you this article so you know first hand which It is the experience of living a musical in the Broadway mecca.

I could have chosen to go to one of the most famous and for which you can get tickets if you buy them well in advance, like the Lion King o The Phantom of the Opera, who carry more than 20 and 30 years on the Broadway show, and with the same success as the first day, or a Disney classic like Aladdin, but in the end I decided on Anastasia, to try a new musical that I had not seen and that is reaping great success in its second year on the poster.

I bought the tickets through WePlann, and I have to admit that I got a great place in the stalls, with very good visibility of the entire stage, right in the hall.

Anastasia is a musical based on two classic films, and tells the story of the daughter of the czars of Russia, who during the Russian Revolution are imprisoned and left for dead the whole family. Anastasia's grandmother looks for her granddaughter everywhere, because she senses that she still lives, and the musical narrates that story and I do not want to count anymore to not make a spoiler of it 😊

Anastasia is being represented right now at the Broadhurst Theater, located on 44 Street, two steps away from Times Square. The entrance to the theater is simple, they only check your bags and backpacks in case you have something. In these cases I recommend you always go to the theater with the minimum possible: the mobile, your wallet and the entrance is the only thing I usually carry when I go to musicals or concerts, and in any case always leave the backpacks and the purchases in the hotel, which are usually the things that they put the most to get get in. The theater is medium-sized for Broadway and cozy, and as soon as you enter some friendly ushers help you to sit in your armchair and offer you the program of the musical.

Entrance to the Broadhurst theater, where Anastasia is represented
Entrance to the Broadhurst theater

Costumes, lighting, scenarios, actresses and actors, the body of dance, music, ... everything is from 10 if you're on Broadway and in this representation it was not going to be less. The good thing about going to Broadway is that the actors vocalize very well and they are perfectly understood in English, so you do not get lost in the play.

The work lasts about 2 hours and a half, but has a break of about 20 minutes between act and act, in which people often take to go to the bathroom, take a drink or buy any of the merchandising products that they offer.

As soon as a number of the musical ended, people applauded a lot or a little depending on whether they liked the number or not, so do like the rest of the people and if you like a musical number, do not stop applauding it to the fullest. the beginning will miss you but the second number will be like the rest of the audience 😉

Interior of the Broadhurst theater, where Anastasia is represented
Interior of the Broadhurst theater

The truth is that the work, despite that, I was short, and a great ovation after finishing showed what had been, a great representation, I loved the actress who made Anastasia. So after watching this musical I give you my verdict: I recommend you go see it if you are in New York and you have already seen some of the most famous musicals.

Finally, if you want to see the different ways to get an entry for Broadway musicals, I recommend you read our article about how buy tickets for musicals in New York, and here I leave the list with all the musicals that WePlann offers, that allows you to pay with Paypal your tickets or in your local currency.