Museum Mile Festival

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El Museum Mile Festival, in English Museum Mile Festival, arrives punctually as every year to your appointment, and will be held at 2019 on Tuesday 11 of June from 6 to 9 in the afternoon, and as the slogan of the festival says, rain or shine. Those of you in New York I recommend you do not make plans for the afternoon and give a tour of this festival, which takes place in the museums of Fifth Avenue.Degas at the Met, one of your possible visits at the Museum Mile Festival

Where does the Museum Mile come from?

The name of the Museum Mile There is a consortium of museums in New York that have in common that which are located on Fifth Avenue, and where most of the main museums of the city are concentrated. The festival was born as an initiative to encourage visitors to new museums in this area of ​​New York City and increase support for the arts during the fiscal crisis of the late 1970s.

History of the festival

The first festival, held in June of 1978, was an instant success. Not only did he expose New Yorkers and New Yorkers to an incredible collection of New York's artistic wealth, but he also brought together all New Yorkers. From the neighborhoods of East Harlem and the houses that line the Upper East Side, to the winding streets of the Village and the outer neighborhoods, people came to celebrate the shared pride of living in this city. The Museum Mile festival promotes public awareness through greater visibility, accessibility and assistance to all museums, and brought many New Yorkers to the top of Fifth Avenue for the first time.

What activities can you do?

During the next Tuesday 11 of June from 6 to 9 of the night You can visit all the museums of the Museum Mile, including the Museum, for free. Guggenheim Museum, the Cooper Hewitt Museum Neue gallery or the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met), and traffic is cut between the streets 82nd and 105th of Fifth Avenue to mount a beautiful festival where there will be bands, varied shows, street art and activities for children to spend a very pleasant evening, rain or shine . Undoubtedly a good opportunity to visit one of the best museums in New York for free, although you probably have to decide beforehand to visit any of them, since both the Met and the Guggenheim alone have been more than three hours and there will be many people throughout the museum.

Some information about the festival

Since the first edition of the festival it has rained a lot, and the scope of the current Museum Mile Festival goes far beyond New York. Thousands of tourists from all over the country and the world come to New York every year to enjoy the Festival of the Museum Mile. The total number of attendees of its different editions has exceeded a million visitors in total, and due to the success of the party and the work of the consortium, New York City officially calls Fifth Avenue 82nd Street to 105th as " Mile of the Museums ", consolidating the area even more as one of the most important cultural resources of the city.

Who participates in the Museum Mile festival?

This year, the following museums participate in the festival, all located on Fifth Avenue: The Barrio Museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Neue Galerie and the Museum of the City of New York. In addition, in the outskirts and surroundings of these museums, the traffic will be closed and all kinds of activities will be carried out, so you can not miss the festival.

More information about the festival

For more information about this area of ​​New York, I recommend you read our article about The museums mile of New York. The official website of this festival, Museum Mile Festival, will give you more information, activities and schedules of the same.