Max Brenner

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To talk about Max Brenner is to talk about paradise for chocolate lovers in New York. Located right next to Union Square, Max Brenner is a good place to rest and eat or dine there after a hard day of hiking in New York and regain strength.

Basic data of Max Brenner

Name: Max Brenner


Address: Broadway 841

Phone:(212) 388-0030

Area: Downtown Manhattan - Soho

Type: Restaurant

Price: From 20 to 40 €

Interior of Max Brenner
Interior of Max Brenner

Restaurant comment

Located in Union Square, if we left the square on Broadway in the direction of Soho, we found it very close, on the right hand side of Broadway, right next to the Strand Bookstore bookshop, which is opposite a street below.

In this restaurant everything is incredibly good, although without a doubt his specialty is all chocolate dishes, so Max Brenner is a good place to recover strength after the beatings of walks that we are giving and return by renewed energy to the streets of New York. I recommend to drink the Yellow Granita (lemon granita with mint) and to share the chocolate fondues.

If you like your chocolate, you can always go to your store, located at the entrance, and Buy to bring home all kinds of chocolates and chocolates made by themselves.

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