Magnolia Bakery

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The Magnolia bakery is definitely one of the most mythical bakeries in New York, especially as a result of being the site chosen to pamper the girls in the series Sex in New York, which gave a world fame to their cupcakes.

Basic data of Magnolia Bakery

Name: Pastry Magnolia


Address: 401 Bleecker Street

Phone: (212) 462-2572

Area: East Village - Greenwich Village

Type: Takeaway

Price: 20 least €

Pastry exterior Magnolia
Exterior of the Magnolia bakery

Comment of the site

Famous because the girls in the series Sex in New York often go through it to treat themselves when they have a slump, it is definitely one of the best bakeries in Manhattan, and this one that we show you today is the original pastry that comes out in the series. With the series they achieved worldwide fame, and we must recognize that their cupcakes are all delicious, for the fans of the series do not stop to try the Red Velvet cupcakes, which is what Carrie and her friends used to take.

However, from my point of view, of all the catalog of sweets offered in this bakery my favorite dessert is banana pudding, really insurmountable, they give it to you in a tub as if it were an ice cream and with a teaspoon it is a great dessert to eat after having dinner by Bleecker street, one of the areas with more nightlife in New York.

After dinner and give us this whim, full of calories, we may have recovered a bit of an exhausting day walking around New York and in this neighborhood, Greenwich Village, we found some of the best places to go for a drink after dinner and listen to live musicThere is always a good atmosphere in the area and it is very lively, especially on weekends, where sometimes it is difficult to find a place to have a drink in a quiet environment.

If you do not have time to go to this Magnolia Bakery, you can always go to one of the branches that have been opening throughout New York due to the success they have had, for example there is a branch just next to Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, or Grand Central Terminal .

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