A day in Lower Manhattan

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The southern part of Manhattan is possibly the one keeps the biggest historical vestiges of all New York, because it contains the remains of the city that was built after the purchase by the Dutch of the island to the Indians to Ground Zero, a place of essential pilgrimage for any tourist. In addition, on this route we will visit the financial district of Manhattan, with Wall Street as the best known site, and we will take a boat trip on the Hudson to see the most famous inhabitant of New York, the Statue of Liberty.

We start the walk

We must take the subway and get off at the Fulton St. station. From there, we go to the buildings of the World Financial Center, where we find a shopping center, Winter Garden, which has a patio full of palm trees where a coffee is a Delight for the environment there is.

In this place, going up some stairs, we have the best viewpoint to contemplate in all its extension the Ground Zero, place where the Twin Towers were and that will allow us to get an idea of ​​the disaster that represented the 11 terrorist attack of September of 2001.

Ground Zero and the World Trade Center

In the place where the Twin Towers were, a monument and museum of the 11-S, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, and the One World Trade Center, formerly Liberty Tower, which is the tallest tower in the city, have been erected. of New York, and about 100 meters approximately higher than the old Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. From its observatory, the tallest in New York, we get great views of the entire Hudson, Brooklyn and the old part of New York.

Watching the Hudson and New Jersey

Crossing back to Winter Garden and heading out to the river side we will enjoy a beautiful promenade with sensational views of the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey. I recommend to the readers more photographers especially to go at sunset, the shades and the orange colors of the sun setting allow us to take some impressive photos of this part of Manhattan and the downtown of neighboring New Jersey.

As we walk, we pass near the Museum of Jewish Heritage, which is reminiscent of the Jews who died during the Second World War during the Holocaust and which is truly impressive.

Sunset from Winter Garden
Sunset from Winter Garden

Visiting Battery Park, Bowling Green, ...

We continue down the river until we reach Battery Park, and in a beautiful space of this park we can see Fort Castle Clinton, which is where the ticket offices are to catch the ferries that take you to the island of the Statue of Liberty, and the Sphere, a statue that was in the middle of the Twin Towers square and that is as it appeared among the rubble of the buildings.

Charging Bull
Charging Bull

Greeting the Statue of Liberty

Very close to this place is the ferry that every half hour and for free takes you to Staten Island, where you disembark and if you do not want to visit that district, you board again and return to Manhattan. This walk through the bay is a must-see, and if you can match it with the sunset embarking on the ferry half an hour before sunset, the views are wonderful and unforgettable.

We continue discovering Financial District

From Battery Park we went up Broadway to the financial district, passing through the oldest park in the city, Bowling Green, the monument to the Dutch settler Peter Minuit, who was the one who bought Manhattan to the Indians, and the Charging Bull, sculpture of a great bull that is one of the most photographed motifs of the city. Right in front of this statue is a magnificent building that houses the National Museum of the American Indian, which is worth visiting for its wonderful collection of crafts and objects representative of Indian culture. Highly recommended your visit. Very close we find the building of the Stock Exchange of Wall Street (also called New York Stock Exchange) and next to this two buildings of great historical content related to the independence of the USA, St Paul's chapel and the Federal Hall with the imposing statue of George Washington and now it is a tourist office where you can get all kinds of information about New York.

Wall Street
Wall Street

We finish in the oldest tavern in New York

To end the day, and if you have time, you should see in Pearl St one of the oldest buildings in the city where you can if you want to eat in a very pleasant environment, the Fraunces Tavern Museum. The beauty of the street is worth it. As an alternative, it is also very close to the Pier 17 from where you can have amazing views of Brooklyn and its bridges as well as rest and regain strength in any of the restaurants that populate its facilities.

And to see everything in one morning

There are people who have little time and who would like to see this area and can not see it because they do not give the days. In these cases, I recommend you hire a excursion through Upper and Lower Manhattan, who can teach you the essentials of these two zones in 4-5 hours.

Map of the route

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