Lombardi's Pizza

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Lombardi's Pizza is one of the most mythical pizzerias in New York and is the one with the oldest opening date in the United States. From 1905 are responsible for serving pizzas to New Yorkers, but closed for a decade until it was recovered by a grandson of the founder, so it is not usually considered the oldest in New York, honor that falls on John's of Bleecker Street, who has been serving pizzas continuously from 1929.

Basic information about Lombardi's Pizza

Name: Lombardi's Pizza

Website https://www.firstpizza.com/

Address: 32 Spring Street

Phone: (212) 941-7994

Area: Chinatown - Little Italy

Type: Restaurant

Price: 20 least €

Exterior of Lombardi's Pizzeria
Exterior of Lombardi's Pizzeria

Restaurant comment

We face the pizzeria that has the oldest opening date in the entire United States, because it opened in this location of Spring Street in 1905. In 1984 closed its doors and did not reopen until 10 years later, when a grandson of the founder took over again from the pizzeria.

In addition to having solera solera, their pizzas are considered as one of the best in the city, so if you walk through SoHo or Little Italy and you want to try a good pizza, I definitely recommend going to visit it.

Their pizzas are magnificent and very large, better to share the pizza between two, and the place has a vintage flavor that you'll love, with the wood-burning oven in sight in the middle between the two restaurant areas.

And for dessert, I definitely recommend going out to the street, and just opposite is Rice to Riches, for lovers of rice pudding, and very close to Eileen's Special Cheesecake, one of the best cheesecakes in the city . After such a feast, I recommend a good walk and enjoy life in the streets of Chinatown to lower the food a bit.

Lombardi's pizza
Lombardi's pizza

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