The Christmas lights of Dyker Heights

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Who has not seen in the movies the typical American neighborhood in which at Christmas it seems that there is a competition to see who assembles the most spectacular Christmas decoration of your home. In Manhattan it is not easy to find it, except in the shop windows of Fifth Avenue or Macy's. but there is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, Dyker Heights, in which they continue to compete for the hardest still in the Christmas decoration, and it is the one we are going to visit on this route.

Warm up well to make the route

Yes, Dyker Heights is accessible by metro, but the most spectacular area is about a quarter of an hour away from the nearest metro, so I recommend you go very well wrapped towards the sunset to make this route, because in December the temperatures in New York are quite low, even when you finish you may find yourself with temperatures below freezing.

Where do we find the Christmas decoration?

The most spectacular Christmas decoration in New York You will find it in Dyker Heights, a quiet Brooklyn neighborhood the rest of the year, between 11th Avenues to the 13th in Brooklyn, and from 83rd Street to 86th Street. Remember that it is a residential neighborhood, so in the vicinity you will not find a cafeteria, so I recommend you leave the subway to go to the bathroom and get a coffee to go to warm up in a cafe before going to see the Christmas decoration .

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights
Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

How to go to Dyker Heights?

To go to Dyker Heights, located in Brooklyn, it is best to take the subway, line D and get off at 79th street in Brooklyn, or the R line and get off at 86th street in Brooklyn. In both cases, you will find yourself at 15-20 minutes of walking from these houses and it will take you about the 35-40 minutes from Midtown to get to this neighborhood.

When do this route?

Undoubtedly, this route is Christmas, so we only recommend it in December, and although they will offer it through paid tours, It can be done perfectly by your account, saving some good money that you can use for other things in New York. The houses will be almost all decorated from the weekend of Thanksgiving, but it reaches its apogee to mid-December and will be like this until the end of the year. As for the time, they are private homes, so the night 9 turned off all the lights, so I recommend going from nightfall in New York until about that time to visit them.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights
Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

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