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Restaurant information:

Name: Junior's
Address: Broadway 1515
Area: Times Square
Type: Restaurant - Pastry shop
Price: From 20 to 40 €
Phone: (212) 302-2000

In Junior's you will find a place to have something typically American (hamburgers, pastrami sandwich, salads, ...) at a reasonable price in the vicinity of Times Square, and where you always have to save a little to taste the jewel of the Corona: Its spectacular cheese cakes. They have all the colors and flavors, but my favorite is the Strawberry Cheesecake. Yes, the rations are very large and generous, if you eat there ask for the pie to share, a ration will serve for the probes.

You will find the original restaurant in Brooklyn, but its headquarters in Manhattan is well worth a visit. In addition, for those who prefer to try their amazing cheesecake quietly at any other time, to the left of the restaurant is the bakery, where you can buy both the whole cake and a portion, which will sell very well packaged to take it anywhere.

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