Juliana's Pizza

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Juliana's is undoubtedly famous for its pizzas, which are made in a wood oven and are huge, but their pasta with meatballs (spaghetti and meatballs) is also excellent, a classic in Italian cuisine.

Basic information about Juliana's Pizza

Name: Juliana's Pizza

Website http://www.julianaspizza.com

Address: 19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Phone: (718) 596-6700

Area: Brooklyn

Type: Restaurant

Price: 20 least €

Exterior of Juliana's Pizza
Exterior of Juliana's Pizza

Restaurant comment

The former owners of Grimaldi's, who in the 2001 sold, to a regular customer of the pizzeria, both the name and the business, return to their origins and reopen their pizzeria with the name of his mother, Juliana. In this restaurant, as in the Grimaldi's, which has moved on the street a little higher, we will find some pizzas of excellent quality and considered by all New Yorkers as one of the best in New York, and even in the year 2015 has been chosen as the best pizza in the United States according to the reviews received on TripAdvisor.

This has made queues to eat in the restaurant are quite extensive, especially at rush hour. Although the queues are well organized, and move reasonably fast, I recommend going at odd hours, or very soon or very late to go to eat, that does take into account that from 3: 15 to 4 in the afternoon they close the doors to recharge the wood oven of the pizzas.

The restaurant is usually less crowded on weekdaysOn weekends, it is often better to give up, and going down the street towards the jetty we will find a Shake Shack where we can buy an excellent hamburger to drink at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The recommendation for the summer is still valid, down the street to have an ice cream dessert at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory, at the pier down the street, and do not forget to visit the Brooklyn Promenade or DUMBO, with spectacular views of Manhattan.

The famous Juliana's Pizza pizza
The famous Juliana's Pizza pizza

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