Ice skating rinks in New York 2018-2019

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Next Monday, 8 in October, at 10: 30 in the morning is scheduled to open the season of the Ice skating rink de Rockefeller Center, which is always the earliest and closes later, with what can be considered the season to practice this outdoor sport in New York.

Skating at the Rockefeller Center

The best ice skating rinks in New York

There are many ice skating rinks scattered all over New York, but today we are going to talk about the three favorite tracks of every New Yorker and tourist worth their salt. In all of them we have spectacular views of Manhattan while we skate, begin to open now and close at the latest in mid-April. They are the following:

  • Rockefeller Center: It is undoubtedly the best known and most famous in New York, and has been more than 80 years the favorite entertainment of New Yorkers in winter. The 8 of October will begin to work, if time permits, and it remains open until April's 14. It is also the most expensive of all, because skating on it depends on the day of the week and the time, but it rarely drops from the 37,5 dollars (25 dollars the entrance for adults in low season, 15 euros the entrance for children under 11 years or for older than 65 years and 12,5 dollars in all cases the rental of the skates at the beginning of the season, the price at Christmas time is increased 8 dollars) by 90 minutes of ice skating. Of course, skating on this track at night is priceless. For those who want to treat themselves, I recommend skating during the week, because on Friday and at weekends the Rockefeller Center track becomes impossible.
  • Bryant Park: In this emblematic park, next to its Christmas market, there is a large skating rink, which will practically cover the entire main esplanade of the park from the 27 in October to the 3 in March, and where you can skate from 8 in the morning to 10 in the night. It's the cheapest of all, because it's free to skate in Bryant Park if you wear your skates and it costs 20 dollars to rent them.
  • Central Park: Although there are several ice skating rinks scattered in Central Park, the best known is Wollman Rink, located very close to the entrance on E 60th Street and which will open on Saturday 20 in October to remain operational until the beginning of April. The views of Manhattan are spectacular too, and it deserves to go skating during the week, because it costs 21 dollars to skate from Monday to Thursday to an adult (15 dollars for children under 11 for years and 14 dollars for 65 for years) and 28 for dollars. Friday to Sunday to an adult (15 dollars children under 11 years and 18 dollars older than 65 years), including in all cases the rental of skates, if you go with yours it will cost you 9 dollars less. Finally, indicate that on this track they only accept cash payment.

And for those who are somewhat clumsy like me, I recommend you do not stop going to some of these tracks and enjoy, from the stands enabled, the show that some of the skaters give when they are open.

More information

For more information about schedules and prices of the different ice skating rinks in New York, visit the official websites where you will also find schedules and days when the track will be closed or have a special schedule (these special times generally coincide with the day of Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year):