How to go to see the Statue of Liberty?

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Without place to doubts the Statue of Liberty is the icon of New York. Known worldwide, it is the first thing immigrants found when arriving in New York by boat. Just opposite is Ellis Island, which is where immigrants were quarantined before allowing them access to the United States.

To go to see the Statue of Liberty we have many options. We will try to list all of them, from the free to the most expensive, so you can choose the one you like most for your trip to New York.

Ferry to Staten Island

It's my favorite way to see the Statue of Liberty, free and it is one of the fastest. Every half hour a ferry leaves from Manhattan in the direction of the island of Staten Island, the fifth district of New York. The ferry is free and you do not have to queue to enter, just show up in the 5 or 10 line minutes before the ferry departure to get a good place to take your photos of the Statue of Liberty. It is the boat option that most "far" passes the Statue, but close enough to make your photo for the memory with Lady Liberty. In total, it will take you only an hour and an hour and a half to do the tour, and as a gift you will get beautiful views of Manhattan as well. For more information and advice on where to get on the ferry, I recommend you visit our article about the Ferry to Staten Island.

Ferry to Staten Island
Ferry to Staten Island

Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

It is the most overcrowded option of all that I will propose, in summer and with good weather you will have to arm yourself with patience It is difficult for you to take less than 2-3 hours to board the ferry that takes you to the island. It's the only way to touch the statue, and it also gives you access to the Ellis Island Museum, very interesting. It costs $ 18 round trip, although it is included in all the tourist cards of New York. If you want to climb the crown of the Statue of Liberty, you must book well in advance the tickets in the official website of the Statue of Liberty, which is the only place where tickets sell you. They only sell a few tickets every day, and with this ticket it is the only case in which you will have priority access to the ship.

Ferry to the Statue of Liberty
Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

Water Taxi

This is another very convenient way to see the Statue of Liberty, if we want to see it as quickly as possible I recommend you board the Water Taxi At the stop we found just below the Brooklyn Bridge, at Brooklyn Bridge Park. After a stop at Red Hook, the ferry goes off to the Statue of Liberty and you have a good time wandering around so you can take all the photos you want from a privileged position and then continue on your way to 39th St of Manhattan. The Water Taxi is included in the New York Pass and in the Go New York, if you do not have a cost of $ 37 to be able to use it during the whole day ($ 31 for children from 3 to 12 years), for more information I recommend you visit Our article for Discover New York in Water Taxi.

Statue of Liberty from the Water Taxi
Statue of Liberty from the Water Taxi

Cruise on the Hudson

Another way to see it is to perform one of the many Cruises that are included in all tourist cards, you can go from a normal boat to a sailboat. I recommend the sunset cruise of Circle Line, which just makes the sunset coincide with your arrival at the Statue of Liberty so you can enjoy spectacular sunset colors in your photos of the Statue of Liberty. For more information, I recommend reading the article about sunset cruise through New York.

Statue of Liberty at sunset
View from the sunset cruise

Governor's Island

Only open from May to September, Governor's Island is an old military fort that has now been opened to the public. If you are a New York veteran, it is worth visiting and losing a morning on the island, especially during the week. Its views from the west side of the island are fine, but you will see the Statue of Liberty a bit in the distance. For more information, visit our article about Governor's Island.

Statue of Liberty from Governor's Island
View from Governor's Island

See the Statue of Liberty by helicopter

The Manhattan Heliport is located right next to Battery Park, so if you take a helicopter tour of New York, the first thing you will see is the Statue of Liberty. To hire the helicopter tour, I recommend you book in WePlann, the entire purchase process is done in Spanish and you can pay in the local currency of your country if you wish.

Other possibilities

For those who are afraid of boats or helicopters, the Statue of Liberty is also visible, although it is quite distant from the Brooklyn bridge, all the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Brooklyn Promenade and from Manhattan from Battery Park and surroundings. Also those who climb the One World Observatory You will be able to observe at your feet the Statue of Liberty from more than 500 meters high from your observatory.

Statue of Liberty from the One World Observatory
View from the One World Observatory

More information

For more information about the Statue of Liberty or to reserve to access the Crown of the Statue of Liberty, I recommend visiting the Official Web, in English.