How do I know I'm in New York?

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As in all parts of the world, New York and New Yorkers have their hobbies, their things that make you know you are in New York. If you want to become a good New Yorker, I recommend that you read this article.

The smell of food in the streets

There's nothing New Yorkers like more than eating and drinking in the streets, so, especially in downtown Manhattan, food stalls proliferate, so it is typical that you suddenly get a strong smell of food crossing a corner of a street, a smell that is already characteristic for me from New York but not everyone is doing well.

The speed of people through the streets

The people of New York are stressed, and it shows in how they walk down the street, they always seem to be in a hurry or that they are late somewhere, it's one of the biggest differences you'll find between New Yorkers and the inhabitants of other nearby cities , like Boston or Washington DC. If you are going to stop to take a picture, be respectful with the bike lanes or you will get a reprimand from one of the cyclists, and try to separate yourself a bit from the street, or the hordes of New Yorkers will not have mercy on you and will take you ahead or pass you by as you neglect .

That if, contrary to what people usually think, New Yorkers are quite nice, and if they see you a little lost looking at a map it is very likely that they stop and try to help you.

How to know that I have arrived in New York
Crossing the Soho

Take an Express subway line and do not die in the attempt

The New York subway has two types of lines: the local, which stops at all stops, and the Express, which only stop at some stops and skip others. Unfortunately, both local meters and Express usually stop on the same platforms, which makes it quite complicated to move around the New York subway and generally makes your first harassment pay the hazing: You take an Express line and you appear two or three stops after where you intended to go.

If you know how to move with the Express lines, it is a great advantage, because I know greatly reduces your travel time on the subway, but you have to be careful: You can skip in some line until 6 stops and although your previous stop is Times Square, in the 42 street, the next stop can be in Central Park, in the 72 street, to 30 streets of the previous stop . To use the subway, I recommend you always have an updated subway map at hand, like the one we offer you in our app, and see which lines go to your next stop.

The bus, that great unknown

Another way, for brave, to move around New York is to use the municipal bus, only if you have been a few months in the Big Apple will you move well with the New York buses. If you go nearby, buses usually go down or up the avenues, but suddenly you can change avenue or take a street, end up in it and break the whole plan. Only the most intrepid adventurers take the bus, the map can be found in the MTA's official website, but we give you a trick: There are a series of very useful buses that you can catch "without danger".

  • The M42 is a bus that only circulates on 42 street, starts right next to the Intrepid Museum of the Sea, Air and Space and the Circle Line box office and ending at the UN through Times Square, Bryant Park and Grand Central Terminal, a good way to go see the Intrepid museum or go on board the sunset cruise through Manhattan and avoid the 15 minutes of walk from the nearest metro.
  • The M4 you can take on Madison Avenue, at the height of the Met and takes you to The Cloisters, which is your last stop, crossing all Harlem, taking about an hour, depends on traffic. On the way back, the bus enters through Central Park to Fifth Avenue, down through the entire mile from the museums of New York and continue on Fifth Avenue to 32 Street.
Times Square at night
Times Square at night

Always stopping traffic lights

A New Yorker does not wait for a traffic light to turn green for pedestrians, as soon as he sees that he can cross or there is a traffic jam that prevents cars from moving, he takes advantage to cross it. It is an activity that we do not recommend to practice, so be careful to follow a New Yorker crossing and always look at what state is the traffic light, and always look at the sides to see if, although the cars are stopped, comes a motorcycle or a person on a bicycle.

Going home on the street

And no, it does not mean that all New Yorkers spend the day drunk :-), actually It is a way to stop and take less time to move around the city. Given the layout of Manhattan, in grid, when you get to a junction of a street you will probably have open the traffic light of the street or the Avenue. A New Yorker never waits, if he goes to 6 streets and three avenues he will take advantage of the traffic light that is at that moment open to cross and thus save a few seconds on his way, so that normally they will never go in a straight line, which would be the painted route in blue, but they will make eses and follow a path similar to the one painted in black in the image.

Route that a New Yorker would follow to reach the site
Route that a New Yorker would follow to reach the site

The next trends you will see on the street.

During your stay in New York, look at those things that are rare and that are not usual to see in your city, it is likely that within 6 months or a year they are trend and you find them on your return home, and you can say that "I already saw this in New York last year".

Statue of Liberty from the Water Taxi
Statue of Liberty from the Water Taxi

What things do you find curious about New Yorkers?

If you have seen something that has seemed curious to you from New Yorkers, comment on this article or send it through the Contact Form and soon we will be adding to this article all your contributions.

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