How to go to the New York airport

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In this article, we are going to try to answer a question that they usually ask us, and that is the best way to go from the different airports in New York to the city.

The airports of New York

In New York there are three airports: The main airport is the John F. Kennedy, or JFK airport, and is the one I recommend arriving on international flights, given that it is the closest of the two international airports that exist in the vicinity of New York. The other international airport is in New Jersey, and it's the Newark airport. Finally, for domestic flights you may arrive at La Guardia airport, which is the closest to the city. To make a calculation, due to the great traffic jam that always exists around New York, the trip from JFK airport to a hotel in the center of Manhattan will take you approximately between an hour and an hour and a half.

How to go to the New York airport
JFK airport control tower

How much does a taxi cost from the airport?

To go to New York or Manhattan from JFK airport it is best to take a yellow taxi, which has a fixed price for the trip regardless of the distance and the number of passengers (52 $ plus tip and tolls to any place in Manhattan, so the trip with the tolls and tips will be approximately 57-60 $, in 4 business days to 8 in the afternoon will add a $ 4,50 surcharge for going on rush hour). From the Guard and Newark the taxis work in the usual way, going by taxi to the center of New York costs approximately 35-40 $ from the Guard and 80-90 $ from Newark (from this airport they will charge what the meter and the tolls mark and a $ 17,50 surcharge). In a normal taxi you can fit 4 people, but if you ask the guard who manages the line you will get a wider taxi for 5 people at the same price. Yes, there is no obligation in a taxi to carry child seats, and it is permissible for a child under 7 years to be sitting in the lap of an adult in the back of a taxi.

As well There is the possibility of renting a car with driver with two apps, Uber and Lyft, which are quite used in the United States, and the cost depends on the time, the place you go and the peak demand for this service (a trip to the JFK can be between $ 50 and $ 70 plus tip, but at rush hour you can shoot up to $ 90- $ 110), in any case they will indicate your total cost before boarding the vehicle, and if you add the tip (usually I give at least 10%) you can see if it compensates you or Do not use one of these services or go in the yellow cab to Manhattan, which is what I recommend. To give you an idea, a Saturday at the 4-4: 30 in the afternoon, which is a normal time to go to the airport well in advance before the flight, which was scheduled for the 8 in the afternoon from the JFK, the cost of a UberX, the cheapest range of Uber, from the center of Manhattan was 63 $ + tip, and if you got a shared Uber the price went down to the 48 $ + tip, although in this case you should share the taxi with others passengers However, on a Wednesday at the same time the cost of an Uber from the same location to the JFK was $ 90, so always look at an Uber airport well in advance and choose other options if it is too expensive.

Yes, Both Uber and Lyft are good choices if you are a large group of people, because within its range is the possibility of renting a vehicle up to 6 seats, for example Uber XL, but at a somewhat higher cost (about 20 $ more per way)

Finally, the taxi ride will last between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on the New York site where you are staying and the traffic jam, so I recommend you go early to the airport if you do not want to be scared. I usually anticipate being at the airport three hours before, just in case, and I ask for the taxi with 4 hours or 4 hours and a half in advance.

Indicate that when you leave the airport terminals you may be offered "pirate" cabs painted black or similar, and I would not trust them to move around unknown places, as they charge what they think. Fortunately, Uber and Lyft have practically left them without work and lately they have not offered me this type of taxis, but I prefer to keep this warning just in case.

Book a shared taxi

For those traveling alone or only two people, they may be interested in hiring the service shared taxisSuch as GO Airlink or with SuperShuttle, which is managed by WePlann and that allows you to pay in your local currency. In this service, all you have to do is indicate the flight in which you arrive to New York or the time and the hotel or address where you want to be picked up, they come to pick you up in a van shared with other customers where they can Go up to 10 people and they'll take you to the airport or destination hotel you select, costing around $ 22 per person the ride between the JFK and a downtown Manhattan hotel and about $ 20 per person the ride between Newark and a downtown hotel of Manhattan. However, the disadvantage of these services is that you do not choose the route, so you can be the first to arrive at the hotel or the last, and sometimes you have to wait for the arrival of another passenger with whom to share the trip, so it is convenient that when you book you give yourself some margin especially for the New York - airport route and that you calculate to leave 2 hours before the hotel of the hour to which you want to be in the airport. If you want something more private, you can hire the limousine services or private vans, for those who want to pamper themselves when arriving or leaving New York, such as those you get through WePlann.

If you want to know our experience using a shared taxi to go to the hotel or the airport, I recommend that you read our article My experience with a shared taxi from SuperShuttle, in which I tell you my experience using this service in August of 2018.

Go to the airport in the Airtrain

For those who are light on luggage or who want to save the taxi, from the JFK you can take the AirTrain which costs 5 $ per person and takes you to the subway (Airtrain of JFK) From Newark there is also the Airtrain that brings you to the regional train NJ Transit, it costs $ 12.5 per person going to Penn Station, in the center of New York, just below the Madison Square Garden (although in the case of Newark I recommend the shared taxi, it leaves practically the same price and is much more comfortable since it leaves you at your destination without having to carry you with the suitcases), and from La Guardia there are buses that approach you to the New York subway. More information on the pages of the AirTrain and New York subway

Go by bus to the airport

Finally, the last option to go to the New York airport is to use the official "line" bus service, offered by the company Golden Touch Transportation and is called NYC Express Bus, which take us from La Guardia or JFK to Port Authority, the bus station in Manhattan, making stops at intermediate points such as Grand Central Terminal or Bryant Park. The price of this bus is $ 19 from the airport JFK and $ 16 from the airport of La Guardia and although they have the advantage that they go directly to your destination, and with a fixed schedule, I only recommend it if your hotel is very close of the stopping points.

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