How to get free WiFi in New York

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What was previously really difficult to get, a quality free WiFi to connect to in our trip to the Big Apple, is now very easy thanks to the City of New York, because with your LinkNYC project it will be easier to get Free WiFi in New York.

It's very easy to get free WiFi in New York

And is that besides being able to enjoy Free WIFI in any Starbucks or McDonalds establishment as up until now, and even enjoy free WiFi in most museums or parks, such as Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) o Bryant Park, from now on it will be much easier to find free WiFi in practically any point of Manhattan and soon in the rest of the neighborhoods of New York through two initiatives commanded from the city hall of New York.

Free WiFi in all stations of the New York subway

The first initiative is Transit Wireless Wifi, a system that was completed in 2016 and allows connection Free WiFi in all stations of the New York subway using the name network TransitWirelessWiFi upon entering any of the stations with active free WiFi. To know how it works and how to connect, nothing better than going to the Transit Wireless WiFi official website, you can pass the web to Spanish up to the right but the translation is quite poor.

The LinkNYC project, free WiFi throughout New York

The City of New York, through its LinkNYC project, has also proposed to replace all the telephone booths in the city with free WiFi hotspots, which in addition to giving us a high speed internet connection will offer us the possibility to recharge our electronic devices and to make national calls for free through the terminal located in each kiosk.

The plan is really ambitious, by the end of 2016 the first 600 points were installed and operating, mainly in Manhattan around 3rd Ave and 8th Ave and on Broadway in the Central Park area, there are currently almost 1800 free WiFi points around the entire city, and it is expected to have deployed over 4500 points throughout New York for the 2020 year. In the map below you can find the current situation of free WiFi points available Fully updated to connect in New York, with the following caption:

  • WiFi terminal already installed and soon available WiFi terminal already installed and soon available
  • WiFi terminal already available Free WiFi terminal already available

How to connect to LinkNYC

In the LinkNYC terminals you will find two connections: LinkNYC Free Wi-Fi, which is public and not encrypted, and LinkNYC Private that is encrypted using WPA, which is what we recommend using for security but that is currently only available for Apple devices with 2.0 Hotspot technology (iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 5, 5c, 5s, iPad 4 Generation, iPad Mini (all versions), iPad Air and Pro)

LinkNYC stand
LinkNYC stand

The operation to connect is very simple. We must always connect first to LinkNYC Free Wi-Fi, who will ask us the first time we connect our email to use the service. If the secure network is available for our device, LinkNYC Private, they will offer us the possibility of downloading a key (key), which we will have to install normally in our device, if everything goes well by deactivating the WiFi and activating it again we will automatically connect to the secure network.

Some recommendations if you use free WiFi networks

For all those who use the network LinkNYC Free Wi-Fi or the free connections of Starbucks or McDonalds, recommend as always that being a public WiFi avoid connecting to sensitive sites from your terminal, such as your bank or give your credit card information. With this minimum precaution you can enjoy Free WiFi in New York and send your friends and family your photos of the trip or experiences through WhatsApp or email, or connect to our app Destination New York to know the points of interest that you have in the surroundings and not miss anything in your trip.

More information about free WiFi in New York

For more information and the answers to the most common faults when connecting, visit the website of LinkNYC.

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