Where to sleep in New York at a good price

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Who does not dream of going, at least once in a lifetime, to New York? The city has so many attractions that you do not know where to start when you step on it for the first time. It is known for being the place chosen to live as much of actors and artists as of the most successful businessmen and that is that New York has much to offer. For something it is known as The Big Apple.

A night walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, see a musical on Broadway, spend an afternoon in Times Square, enjoy shopping on Fifth Avenue or feel like an authentic powerful businessman in the Wall Street neighborhood ... But be careful because, as in any tourist city, it is very difficult to find a good accommodation at a reasonable price. Let's try to bring some light at this point.

When is it cheaper to stay in New York?

Although in New York it's high season almost all year, the months of July-August (for the great heat) and January-March (for being very cold) are usually the months when it is cheaper to stay. On the other side, during the United States holiday period, such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, or the New York Marathon, the first Sunday of November, the price. In these last cases I recommend you book your hotel well in advance.

Staying in Manhattan

If you pretend stay in Manhattan, I recommend that since you are going to pay a good amount of money for your accommodation you focus as much as possible, if possible in Midtown. Being very centrally located also allows you to leave your purchases at the hotel and not have to carry them all day, go through the hotel to rest a bit, ... benefits that the first day you will not notice but you will appreciate according to go spending your stay in New York. On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that the Financial District area hotels will be a bit cheaper than those in Midtown but, being an area full of offices, from the 6 in the evening the atmosphere will be much lower. streets. As a last advice I recommend you to stay if possible in the upper floors of the hotel that you choose, in Manhattan there is a lot of noise on the street at any time of the day and if you are a light sleeper you will appreciate being as far as possible from the street.


Recommendations in Midwtown

In the center, apart from the legendary movie hotels we all know as the Waldorf Astoria, but which are not available for all budgets, I give you four hotel recommendations, from higher to lower prices:

  • El hotel Hyatt Times Square. Perfectly connected, next to Bryant Park and two steps from Times Square, not only are the views from your room spectacular, if you ask for it with a view of the city, you can see all Times Square and the 7 Avenida, below, but its bar The roof, the 54 Bar, is one of the most spectacular but unknown in New York. Going to the bar will come at half price to climb the Empire State or the Top of the Rock, because they force you to have a drink at the bar, and without a doubt your views of Midtown and the Chrysler building are worth it.


  • The hotels of the Hilton chain, and in particular the New York Hilton Midtown. This huge hotel is located two steps from the Rockefeller Center and Times Square, and surrounded by metro stops that will take you anywhere in New York quickly, and is the official hotel of the New York Marathon, so it's where most marathoners stay.


  • El hotel Holiday Inn Times Square. It is the cheapest of the three, but it is also perfectly located, right next to Times Square and Port Authority, the bus station, on 8 Avenue, and with good views from the rooms to Midtown. The biggest drawback with respect to the other two is that the room is a bit smaller and the closet is quite small, but if you go to sleep and little more to the room it is definitely a highly recommended hotel.


  • El hotel The Watson, very well located, very close to Columbus Circle and the Carnegie Hall with 4 subway lines with a stop nearby, offers a room and a large bathroom, especially by New York standards. It is a good place to walk anywhere in Midtown or Central Park.


Views from Bar 54, at the Hyatt Times Square hotel
Views from Bar 54, at the Hyatt Times Square hotel

Staying in Soho

If you are looking for cheaper accommodation, the Soho or Tribeca area It may be a solution, but you have to be careful when choosing your hotel. Generally the hotels in this area are usually quite low, so the noise of the street may bother you at the time of falling asleep, especially if the hotel overlooks a main avenue. To see that the hotel has an elevator or that it is not close to a nightlife area is something that I recommend for this area.

Rent an apartment in New York

On the other hand, another economic option, especially if you go in a group of 3 or more people, is rent an apartment. In these cases I always recommend making use of reliable websites, such as Airbnb, and book your apartment in Manhattan between 1 and 80 streets. Yes, distrusting the very cheap offers, an apartment of 3 rooms on Fifth Avenue is very rare that it costs $ 200 per day, normally it will cost two, three or four times more than that amount.

The cheapest places to stay in New York

Finally, if your budget is tight, I recommend you opt for some accommodation in the Queens or Brooklyn area, that has a nearby subway stop that allows you to move "quickly" to the main tourist areas of New York, which will take you between half an hour and an hour. There are people who are staying across the river in New Jersey, but you will have to move by regional train to get to New York, unless you stay in the area of ​​Hoboken, which has access to the PATH, which in twenty minutes - Half an hour will leave you in the center of New York.


Where to look for reliable accommodation in New York?

To search for accommodation at a good price, I usually use the following websites:

  • Expedia, Hotels.com o Booking.com, which offer the best discounts and prices in hotels.
  • Airbnb to find apartments in New York
  • Hostelbookers, especially to look for hostels and hostels, that are not usually in the other webs
  • Trip Advisor, as a source to know the opinion of travelers of a particular establishment.

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