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For those who go to New York and have an IOS or Android phone, either mobile or tablet, I recommend you download our application, Destination New York, that will guide you indicating the points of interest and closest routes you have in New York with continuously updated information. In addition, you will have a map with the points of free WiFi, to connect you in the Big Apple, and an updated map of the metro that you can consult even if you do not have an Internet connection. More information in Destination New York, and you can download the app for your device using the following icons:

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You can also download the guide of New York and Manhattan completely free of charge with all the routes that appear on this website, in a format specially prepared for your ebook, tablet or smartphone, and so you can consult the guide while you walk through the streets of New York

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And for those who want something more personalized, you can generate a New York guide in personalized PDF with the contents that interest you.

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