Gray's Papaya

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We are facing the one that is possibly the best hotdog in New York, in a place located in glamorous Broadway, very close to Lincoln Center and Central Park. Of course, the tails are usually up to the quality of the hotdog, but they go pretty fast, we recommend you ask for your hotdog and drink and go sit in a park that is opposite and enjoy this little delicacy.

Basic data of Gray's Papaya

Name: Gray's Papaya


Address: Broadway 2090

Phone: +212 799 0243 XNUMX XNUMX

Area: Midtown Manhattan - Central Park

Type: Restaurant

Price: 20 least €

Entrance to Gray's Papaya
Entrance to Gray's Papaya

Restaurant comment

Located very close to Central Park, two blocks away, Gray's Papaya is located on Broadway at the height of 72nd Street, just off the Broadway subway exit - 72 St. This is a hot dog temple or hotdogs, and do not expect to find anything else. When entering you have to choose the hotdog you want to eat and indicate, if you want, the toppings you want to include.

The price is quite affordable, for $ 5,95 you will take the menu Reccesion Special: two delicious hot dogs with the juice that you want, I recommend you to honor the name of the place and ask for a papaya juice to accompany the food.

The place is so small that it has no tables, only two small counters where you can take your hot dog, so if the time is with you I recommend crossing the street and go to take your hotdog to the park in front, just next to two emblematic buildings of New York: The Ansonia, a famous hotel now converted into apartments, where Stravinsky or Enrico Caruso lived during their stay in New York, and the Dorilton, luxury apartments.

Interior of Gray's Papaya
Interior of Gray's Papaya

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